'My Beautiful Broken Brain' Is Beautiful & Tragic

The world has another documentary to marathon watch, and this one will actually educate you on the mysteries and wonders of the human brain. The highly anticipated David Lynch-produced documentary, My Beautiful Broken Brain , has been picked up by Netflix. The film's global launch is scheduled for March 18, so Netflix picked it up just in time. Lynch, the man behind such hits as Twin Peaks and The Elephant Man, is taking on a story that has all the mystery of his films, but with one caveat: it's real.

My Beautiful Broken Brain will tell the story of Lotje's Sodderland. Sodderland suffered a hemorrhagic stroke in 2011, and this film is a moving account of her path to recovery and rehabilitation. However, Sodderland has a special gift that allows her to see color and hear sounds in a different way than ever before. As per typical Lynch style, and as is always the case in real life, her story isn't simply cut and dry. They will attempt to discover more about her case and what exactly her new found gifts mean for her and the rest of her life. It's an interesting tale indeed, and the trailer already has a few heartwarming and magnificent moments to boast.

1. Meet Lotje Sodderland

I was at first surprised at how well she was able to articulate herself given the circumstances, but, right from the start, Sodderland shows that she's got an energy that will make this documentary one for the books.

2. Her Story

As Sodderland begins to speak and share her story, it's interesting to see the way she perceives her situation. The trailer already gives you a lot of detail, which means there must be so much more in store for the actual film.

3. Chain of Events

It is crazy to learn that her stroke only occurred five short years ago. The trailer does a great job of putting everything into perspective for the watcher, and really honing in on the details of her life.

4. The Trailer Gets Perspective

This scene may have been the most heartbreaking of the entire trailer. Here, Sodderland attempts to recall her neice/nephew. She struggles to find the word for niece, and just barely manages with a perplexed look on her face the whole time.

5. Beyond Comprehension

Sodderland describes that not even she fully understands what is going on with her body: "something is happening to me, which nobody has really explained to me yet." This is also a foreshadowing to the intensified color and sound perceptions she has received since her stroke.

6. Bright Colors and Sound

Although this is obviously not a picture for Sodderland's brain, it is a great depiction of what she describes she can now see because of her stroke. "I started seeing flashes of color... I feel like I'm in a David Lynch movie," she explains in the trailer. Well, now she actually is.

7. She Found Her Mission

"I am different than I was, I'm never going to be the same. And, in that discovery, I've become empowered," Sodderland reveals in the trailer. What a remarkable spirit she has.

This documentary is definitely going to be a new one for Netflix, but it just might be their best yet. You can stream the documentary on March 18, and watch the trailer below.

Image: Netflix US & Canada/YouTube