Get Punched By Kanye, Get $250,000

About two weeks ago, Kanye West punched a man in the face after the man yelled racial slurs at and threatened to kill Kim Kardashian. About one week ago, the man reportedly asked West for hundreds of thousands of dollars and in exchange he would drop the criminal case. And now it seems that the 18-year-old got what he hoped for because allegedly Kanye West has paid the punching victim $250,000 in settlement money.

When reports came out that the man was asking for money, it sounded suspicious and as though this guy had some sort of ulterior motive the entire time. Apparently the guy was desparate to avoid a public trial and hasn't "been responsive with the police since the incident." It sounded like he wasn't going to end up with the settlement he asked for, but it turns out that that is exactly what happened; although maybe not quite as much money as he would have wanted.

The victim feels satisfied with the $250,000 civil settlement according to a report from TMZ. There is still a chance the district attorney could charge West with battery since police filed a report after the confrontation. The NY Daily News reports that the case is "under review" according to a spokesperson for the DA. It sounds likely that West will not be charged seeing at the case has already been settled with the victim.

Then again, a week ago I predicted that this wouldn't end with the man simply getting the cash he asked for, so anything could happen. It's convenient for Kanye West that he has a spare quarter of a million dollars sitting around and it's "convenient" for the 18-year-old that the guy who punched him (after hurling insults and threats at his super famous fiancée who the man definitely recognized) happened to be ridiculously wealthy. Strange how that worked out.