The ‘Friday Night Lights’ Cast Will Reunite For The Best High School Pep Rally Ever At The ATX Television Festival

Texas forever, baby. It was announced on Friday that the cast of Friday Night Lights would be reuniting in the state where it all happened at the fifth annual ATX Television festival. Dubbed the Friday Night Lights High School Reunion, this event will bring together the cast, crew, and fans of the show for one enormous pep rally. It’s like the high school event you’ve always dreamed of!

Because nobody does it better than Texas. And this Friday Night Lights reunion is going to prove it once and for all.

After all, this reunion isn't trying to be just be a few cast members sitting around in director’s chairs talking about the good old days like other show reunions. Instead, the Friday Night Lights reunion is going to embody the spirit and pride of the Panthers themselves. There will be chances for fans to take photos, an episode screening, cast appearances, and even — you guessed it — tailgating!

Man, what I wouldn’t give to tailgate with the Dillon Panthers. If Tim Riggins shows up and starts shotgunning beers with the fans, I’m going to be very upset. For more reasons than one.

In addition to the Friday Night Lights reunion, there will also be a writers’ room reunion for The O.C., an Everybody Loves Raymond reunion, and a script reading from Fox’s Big remake. Basically this is the television event of the year, and if you live more than 100 miles from it, you’re going to be filled with #FOMO.


Thankfully, tickets are still on sale for this incredible festival, which means it’s a perfect opportunity for an impromptu trip to Texas. Especially since the reunion coincides perfectly with the tenth anniversary of the show's first episode airing.

Don't you just love it when those boys get all sentimental like?

Image: NBC; Giphy