Emily Is "Twinning" Her Post-'Bachelor' Life

Even though I will forever think it is super weird that there were twins on The Bachelor this season, I really don't know what I would do without Emily Ferguson. Emily and Haley Ferguson were fun together, sure, but Emily by herself is a complete joy to watch. Take this girl to Mexico City, offer her a carving knife out of context, and watch her come alive. On the most recent episode of The Bachelor , Emily became the whistleblower on Olivia, which probably won't bode well for her in the future (since whistleblowers don't usually make it that far), but that's neither here nor there. If you love Emily as much as I do, then you might be wondering what Emily has been up to after The Bachelor .

Besides maybe considering a career as a soccer goalie, Emily seems to have returned to her pre-Bachelor life full of Vegas nightclubs, chunky Dachshunds, and twinning for days. Of course, there's no bad blood between Emily and her sister Haley for Emily getting further in the competition than Haley. If anything, I'd say that The Bachelor was probably a great bonding experience for the two.

So what has Emily been up to since The Bachelor finished filming?

She's Making Fun Of Herself

Despite the looniness of this moment from the girls' trip to Mexico City, Emily has the last laugh comparing herself to Taylor Swift.

OK, Maybe She Cringed A Little

Sometimes the monkey emojis say a lot.

She's Back To Work

And no, not as a professional twin. Emily shared on her Instagram that she'd be back to work at Las Vegas' Marquee nightclub with Haley soon enough.

She's Hanging With Her Co-Stars

I'm assuming Emily and Amanda bonded over their mutual issues with Olivia?

She's Definitely Hanging With Her Dogs

OK, I'll admit it, her fleet of dachshunds were pretty cute.

She's Meeting Other Reality Twins

My reality TV worlds are colliding right now, because Emily and Haley hung out with Liz and Julia from Big Brother.

Let's hope Emily is enjoying her post-Bachelor life, with way less Olivia, and way more dachshunds.

Images: Eniac Martinez/ABC