Douglas Booth Is About To Be Huge

Douglas Booth is adorable, and despite the fact that he has the name of a 19th century gentleman, he's one of the most interesting young stars in Hollywood to watch. If you aren't familiar with him yet, you probably will be soon. The 23-year-old actor is starring in the period piece/zombie gore-fest Pride and Prejudice And Zombies as Mr. Bingley, and among the weapons he's wielding against the zombies is that cutting jaw. But is Douglas Booth dating anyone in the 20th century?

Good news, everyone: It seems like Booth is single. (And as of 2013, so single that he lived with his sister, Abigail. No word of if that status has changed.) Though the actor has played his share of romantic parts, he's actually been single or so it seems since he split with his former girlfriend Vanessa Kirby in 2013. Funnily enough, he and Kirby met on the set of another period piece, the TV miniseries of Great Expectations, in which they both starred.

Not that Booth isn't a romantic. He's even played number one ladykiller Romeo Montague, and told Harper's Bazaar in 2015 when they asked if playing Romeo helped his love life, "Not very much! I had a girlfriend at the time, and bizarrely enough, she is an actress and was playing Juliet in a radio play of Romeo and Juliet. So we were both playing Romeo and Juliet just not with each other — on different sides of the world."

There were rumors back in 2014 that Booth was dating Miley Cyrus, because of the very convincing evidence that they were seen in public together. But Booth shut that rumor down certainly and concisely, telling E! News at the Toronto International Film Festival that year, "She's just a friend."

Personally, I would love for Booth to get together with Emma Watson, because they would eclipse Will and Kate as the best British couple ever. Not only for their super British names, but the two were in a 2009 Burberry campaign together, and they are just so cute together. They've stayed good friends since, starring in Noah together in 2014, and Booth also passionately supports Watson's #HeForShe campaign to empower women the world over. What a catch!