What's Leah Been Doing Since 'The Bachelor' Ended? She's Been Hanging With Her 'Bachelor' Nation Friends

I bet some of you are wondering, "Who is Bachelor contestant Leah Block?" I'll be honest, I didn't know too much about her either considering the show's producers have spent the last two episodes with the camera glued to Olivia, but that probably means Leah is super laid back and not causing horrendous amounts of drama in the house. But, according to her ABC bio, Leah is an event planner living in Denver, Colorado, which lucky for her is also the home of our Bachelor Ben Higgins. Maybe that’s a sign. Who knows? Although, normally the winner has more screen time by now.

Besides Emily, Leah is the only contestant who hasn’t gotten a one-on-one date with Ben. That’s definitely not a good sign, but hopefully we'll get to see more of her on Monday's episode. According to the synopsis, the group is heading to the Bahamas. “On the one-on-one date, the lucky bachelorette is reticent to open up with Ben, confusing him even more about their potential future together,” the description said. Could that be Leah? There’s also a two-on-one which means someone is going to be super upset when they get sent home. At least Leah knows if she strikes out here, she could be heading to Bachelor in Paradise, which is always a bonus.

But, winner or not, what has Leah been doing since they finished filming the show?

She's Been Hanging Out And Taking Care Of Her Puppy

Leah has a puppy named Darla and she’s pretty much the cutest thing ever. Though recently, Leah tweeted that Darla was injured. “My poor pup strained her back & has bad nerve pain :( I have never loved or cared for anything more in my entire life than my dog,” she wrote. Hopefully Darla gets better soon!

Cooking Homemade Delicious Chili

It's too bad she didn't win The Bachelor cooking date, because it's clear she has a talent for making yummy food.

Watching The Denver Broncos

Leah is a die-hard Broncos fan and has spent most of her time since she left, if not all of it, at Broncos games or watching the Broncos. Although she didn’t attend the Super Bowl, she celebrated their big win by watching with her friends.

Celebrating A Bachelorette

One of her friends tied the knot a few weeks ago, and Leah helped her celebrate her last night out as a single gal.

Hanging Out With The Bachelor Family

She’s hung out with the likes of Lace, Lauren H., Jen, and Caila since the show ended. Not to mention her Bachelor family has expanded across different seasons already. Jillian from Chris Soules' season and Bachelor in Paradise, recently moved to Colorado and the two of them have become fast friends according to social media.

Vacationing In Breckenridge

She recently took a vacation to Breckenridge with Caila! The ladies spent the weekend in the snow and went mountain tubing.

Watching Grease Live!

Who didn’t tune in to watch the musical? It was amazing.

Recovering From A Cold

But, it’s OK. The Broncos probably made her feel better quite quickly.

Watching The Miss Universe Pageant

She tuned in to that awkward moment when Steve Harvey announced the wrong name. Whoops!

Basically, she is just like all of us in her downtime, and it's awesome. Bachelor winner or not, I'm hoping we see Leah again on our screens soon!

Image: Craig Sjodin/ABC