Leah From 'The Bachelor' Loves Her Sports

You guys, I am just so ready for The Bachelor to start. Aren’t you? I just need my Monday nights of sitting on the couch, yelling at the television, raging at the patriarchy, and eating marshmallows out of the bag. (What, you don't celebrate that way?) The best part of the beginning of the season is meeting all of the women on the show, and after some careful analysis, I think I’ve found my favorite one — but who is Bachelor contestant Leah Block?

According to her ABC profile, Leah is a 25-year-old event coordinator from Denver, Colorado. This geographic information is lucky because guess who else lives in Denver? Bachelor Ben Higgins, that’s who! She hates hot weather and the tattoos on the back of her calf (she’s getting them lasered off), and the most outrageous thing that Leah has ever done is “twerking on the wall in [her] dress during [her] Bachelor interview.” Well, now we know part of the reason that she got on the show!

Interestingly enough, Reality Steve (don’t click the link unless you want some spoilers) has reported that Leah identifies as Jewish. No big deal, right? Well, Ben is very big into his Christian faith (he even has tattoos from scripture), so I’m wondering if this religious difference will play a part in this season. If Leah’s “journey” on The Bachelor goes the distance, their religious roots will likely come up in conversation.

But, hey — let’s keep the topic light. Religion could play no part at all in Leah and Ben’s courtship. Let’s see what else fans can learn about Leah by surfing through her social media channels.

She Loves The Denver Broncos

It’s no surprise that she would like the Broncos, since she is from Denver, but Leah is a jersey-wearing, game-attending fan. She’s not like me who pretends to like a team but couldn’t care less. She even live tweets some of the games. I’m sure she and Ben could talk football and Peyton Manning’s chances of retirement.

She Has A Hot Brother

In the grand tradition of hot Bachelor/ette brothers (just like Carly Waddell and her handsome stud of a sibling, Zak), Leah’s family is nothing to sneeze at. Seen in pictures on her Instagram, Leah’s brother, Adam, is just dreamy. Hey, Leah — how about you bring him to the next season of The Bachelorette?

She's A World Traveler

She’s definitely earned some stamps on her passport. Leah’s Instagram shows snaps from France, Italy, Israel, and more. Perhaps she can show Ben around some of the countries she’s already been to. Maybe direct a helicopter ride or two?

She's Eyebrows Are On Fleek

Never one to push aside a great pair of eyebrows, I just want to direct your attention to Leah’s perfect pair. She knows that they’re not twins — they’re sisters. They’re perfectly filled in and I want her to give me some tips about how to deal with my own.

Leah’s the total package — she’s pretty, smart, well-traveled, and (at least she seems like) a ton of fun. My bet is that Leah goes far on The Bachelor. Let’s see if Ben likes her as much as I do.

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Image: Rick Rowell/ABC