The One Reason Why Kim K Is Wearing So Many Braids

If you haven't already noticed, the french braid is the newest comeback trend of the season. Tons of stylish celebrities have been rocking the look lately, but one star in particular has been leading the pack. During her app live-stream, Kim Kardashian said she wears braids to protect her hair from heat, which might be her most down-to-Earth styling tip ever.

For the most part, Kardashian's beauty advice consists of high-end products and 50-step makeup routines, but this time she gave some really awesome advice. For a few months now, the star has been rocking double, triple, and even quadruple french braids in her hair, and she's finally explaining why. Kardashian said during the live-stream that the she loves the hairstyle because of how easy it is. That's right, even celebrities love to take style shortcuts.

"I'll tell you the history behind the braids," Kardashian says on her live-stream. "It first started when I just wanted to not put any heat on my hair, nothing, and just let my hair breathe from all the blow-drying and stuff like that."

That's genius! Kardashian started rocking the braids around when she gave birth to Saint West, and soon her sisters were doing it too. The braids were even trending on Twitter after she wore them on New Years Eve.

"It feels young and fun," Kardashian says. "This [hairstyle] I did days ago and then I leave it and I don't have to do it for a really long time.

Quick, easy, and Kardashian-esque? Sounds like a winning look to me. Just look at how she rocks braids for every occasion.

1. Going Out For Tea

Kardashian gave her braids an edgy vibe by pairing them with an all-black outfit for her tea time with Amber Rose.

2. At The Recording Studio

The girls got together to visit Kanye at his studio, and the braids were just the right touch to her outfit.

3. Snapchatting In Style

The braids made for a super stylish Snapchat ensemble.

4. Hanging Out At Home

Even when she's dressed down, this hairstyle fits right in.

5. All Dressed Up For The Holidays

The look is perfect even for the most formal occasions.

6. Matching With The Littles

French braids are so versatile that any age can pull them off.

North seems to love her the look as well.

It's a look that anyone can wear!

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