Where Was The "Formation" Music Video Filmed? Time To Book Your Next Vacation — VIDEO

I have no idea what you're doing with your life, but I'm doing absolutely nothing but watching Beyoncé's "Formation" music video again and again. The music video is also the debut of the single that we should have seen coming, because, if Beyoncé is performing at Super Bowl 50, then she's definitely got something huge planned. Honestly, we should have known. The song is as incredible as you would expect a new Queen Bey track to be, and it's basically guaranteed to break both iTunes and Spotify when it makes its way over to both places. However, aside from screaming over Beyoncé and Blue Ivy, there's one more big player in the music video: the location. Where was the "Formation" music video filmed? I know you need to know so you can plan your next vacation.

Right at the beginning of the video announces, "What happened after New Orleans? B*tch, I'm back by popular demand." However, fans might be surprised to learn that the "Formation" music video was shot in Los Angeles. The sections of the video that are set in many different neighborhoods in New Orleans are reportedly from a documentary called That B.E.A.T.. Loyal fans might remember the hot rumor in December 2015, in which Beyoncé was seen filming something at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans with Jay Z and Blue Ivy, but how much of that footage made it into the video, or if it's footage for another video, still remains to be seen.

New Orleans has a reputation for being one of the most unique cities in America, and you can definitely see why throughout this music video. Even despite the Los Angeles filming location, Beyoncé is impressive in and of herself, but the clips set in a city like New Orleans? Well, she's got some competition for the most eye-catching thing in this video.

Now check out the music video below, as if you need me to tell you twice.

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Image: Beyoncé/YouTube