How To Avoid Crowds On Valentine's Day

One of the worst things about Valentine's Day is the mass of couples you need to wade through in order to have a romantic date night. Figuring out how to avoid the crowds on Valentine's Day seems nearly impossible, but it can be done. You need a plan, and a strong disdain for crowds. Because let's be real, there's nothing romantic about being in the middle of a crowd of people. You might be able to revel in the love-y vibe, but Valentine's Day is the celebration of the love you share with one other person, and should be honored as such.

Instead of literally rubbing elbows with a million couples, keep your romantic date just for the two of you. It's so much more special when you're alone with the person you love. And if you do what everyone else is doing, you won't remember the date. It'll be a lost memory, because there's nothing unique about spending way too much money on a meal, chocolate that isn't even good, and roses that will soon die. Do something you will remember. Make a memory that you will cherish. You might even create a new tradition in the process. Here are all the ways to successfully avoid crowds on Valentine's Day.

1. Have a romantic evening in

It's that easy. Cook a delicious meal. Throw on some Boyz II Men. And get sexy with your significant other.

2. Skip Valentine's Day altogether

When it comes down to it, this is an overhyped, commercialized holiday that is way less important than your anniversary. Save some cash and just skip it.

3. Celebrate the week after

Or even the day after. Everyone is so focused on getting a reservation on Valentine's Day that the crowds instantly dissipate the following day. Plus, you won't have to deal with prix fixe menus, which is awesome.

4. Go out to a romantic lunch instead

Day dates are so underrated. People will be out and about all day, sure, but the crowd situation will be way more manageable if you go out before 3 p.m.

5. Get a hotel room

Order room service, put on those stellar hotel bathrobes, and enjoy your romantic mini getaway.

6. Go hiking

If you're not a hiking fan, any outdoor activity will do. Just get out into nature where it's quiet and spend some quality time with your love without any distractions.

7. Create a "clothing prohibited" rule

If you create a rule that states you and your partner need to remain naked all day long, you can't exactly go anywhere. It'll be fun, you'll get laid, and you'll get more comfortable in your birthday suit — which is something we could all use a little more of.

8. Have a daytime picnic in the park

Picnics are super romantic and they're budget-friendly. When you pack your own snacks, you won't spend any money, and you'll still have a blast with the person you adore.

9. Go where the people aren't

This could be as simple as going to the library (whisper sweet nothings into your SO's ear), or as extravagant as a helicopter ride (the V-Day crowds will look like red and pink ants).

10. Watch TV all day together

On the surface, this might not seem romantic, but a shared love of the same TV shows is actually a really important part of a relationship. So stay home and veg out. It'll bring you two a lot closer.

11. Go somewhere remote

Rent a cabin in the middle of the woods, or go on an ice fishing trip. Anything that is free of people and filled with animals is always a better choice.

12. Do something creative together

Take a paint class, or pottery, or write a hilariously awful song together. You are guaranteed to have fun. And it's not the typical Valentine's Day date, so crowds will be minimal.

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