Tempur-Pedic's First Shoe Line is Coming and There's Nothing We Can Do

As we've reported before, 2014 is purportedly the year of the comfortable shoe, which is absolutely fine given that it's 6 degrees outside and wearing stilettos would literally be a death wish. But the latest in comfy shoe news just might be too much for us — clinging forlornly to our high-heeled ankle boots — to bear.

Tempur-Pedic, the mattress-maker whose material "responds to your body’s unique shape, weight, and temperature," is releasing a line of shoes for their target audience — anyone over 25. Woo! First up will be at-home shoes like moccasins and slippers, debuting in September, which we can totally deal with. Your home, your freezing hardwood floor, your rules. But come October, the brand will be releasing casual footwear that can hypothetically be worn outside the house. Where other people will see you. Where we might see you.

"But Bustle," you say, "The shoes could be understated comfy chic!" Oh, young innocent — if the images on WWD are anything to go by, these are shoes for the grandmotherly among us. Plus, Tempur has been used in slippers and moccasins before, and a quick Google image search for "Tempur-Pedic shoes" reveals the kind of footwear we have to look forward to.

Potential for a Crocs 2.0 situation here? Shoes so comfortable that they make society lose all sense of aesthetic? Yes, we're clutching our (faux, tie-dyed) pearls. Wear whatever you want in your own home. But don't take this madness to the streets.