The Best Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Show Moments

Sandwiched between four quarters of football was the REAL show: Beyoncé's Super Bowl 50 halftime performance. And, man what a show it was. Joined by Coldplay and Bruno Mars, Beyoncé started off with her new hit song "Formation" and charmed the audience with her excellent live rendition of the number before leading into an "Uptown Funk" mashup with Bruno Mars. But, why just tell you about it when you can relive it for yourself over and over thanks to videos of every Beyoncé Super Bowl 50 moment. That's right, you can see every amazing outfit, killer dance move, and epic vocal in all their glory.

I mean, not that Coldplay and Bruno Mars weren't also great, but, let's all be real Beyoncé was the real reason to tune into the halftime show. She's the kind of performer that can make even non-football fans (raises hand) care enough to at least watch the break between the second and third quarters.

But, like I said, you really just need to watch for yourself. So, whether you watched the first time and just want to see all the action again or you missed it when it was live, here are all the memorable Beyoncé moments from the Super Bowl 50 halftime show.


Those dance moves, though.

Bruno Mars Mashup

I need this on my iTunes playlist ASAP.

The Closing Number

What a way to go out. Now, time to watch it all again!