'Captain America: Civil War' Super Bowl Trailer Chant Will Give You Chills — VIDEO

"United, we stand! Divided, we fall!" The new Captain America: Civil War Super Bowl trailer gave a brief look at the upcoming Marvel movie. Will you be #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan? Captain America is getting ready for war in the new 30-second spot, which shows our various Avengers choosing sides, all while the chant, "United, we stand! Divided, we fall!" is chorused in the background. The film, the third in the Captain America trilogy, will be a game changer in the Marvel series, as it finds Captain America and Iron Man on opposite sides. And, if the Captain America: Civil War Super Bowl trailer is anything to go by, neither Team Cap nor Team Iron Man are going down without a fight.

In Civil War, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers' disagreement on how those with superpowers should work with the government starts a feud that could end the Avengers. Tony is in favor of submitting to a little government oversight, but Steve, whose best friend Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier is wanted after being a brainwashed baddie in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. With Iron Man and Captain America fighting, the rest of the Avengers take sides and many are briefly featured in the Super Bowl trailer.

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The spot gives viewers a first look at some of Tony Stark's new Iron Man tech — some sort of wrist-watch gauntlet that can stop a bullet — and a look at a climactic battle in an airport. The ominous trailer also shows glimpses of #TeamCap — Falcon, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Winter Soldier — and #TeamIronMan — War Machine, Black Widow, Vision and Black Panther. Noticeably absent from the fray: the new Spider-Man to be played by Tom Holland.

So, whose side are you on?

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Images: Walt Disney Studios