Who's On Whose Side In 'Captain America: Civil War'? The Fight Involves Almost The Entire Marvel Universe

2016 is going to be all about superheroes fighting each other. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, out in March, is going to kick off Warner Bros' and DC Comics' attempt to create a cinematic universe to rival the likes of Disney and Marvel, while the latter has their own battle in the works with Captain America: Civil War. That film, out this May, is set to feature Iron Man and Captain America going head to head, but they won't be alone. Here's who's on each side in Captain America: Civil War.

In case you didn't know, the movie is going to feature a cast with more heroes than any Marvel movie up to this point, and they're all joining in on the fight. This is not some kind of mano a mano skirmish like Batman v Superman; and it's way more complicated than Tony Stark having a problem with Steve Rogers. These two guys are going to drag basically the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe into their fight, and everyone's going to get caught up in the brawl. Friendships will be shattered, alliances will be broken, and some characters will probably even die. For real, this is a big deal. But what will the sides of the battle look like? Here's the rundown of the two opposing teams' lineups for Captain America: Civil War.

Team Stark

Iron Man

Obviously, Stark is leading his own team against Cap in a battle over superheroes registering with the government. Iron Man thinks heroes should be registered for accountability, while Captain America believes registration is a violation of superheroes' freedoms. Game on.

Black Widow

Probably the most surprising member of Stark's team, given how closely she's worked with Rogers in the past, Black Widow appears to have chosen to be more loyal to her employer (the government) than her friend.

War Machine

If there's one person you could count on for Stark's team, it has to be his BFF James Rhodes, who essentially doubles the firepower brought to the team by Stark himself.


Speaking of firepower, Vision is arguably the most powerful character on either side, so it's a major coup that Iron Man nabbed him to fight for his already stacked team.

Black Panther

Making his debut in the film is T'Challa, King of Wakanda. He has enhanced physical attributes and a vibranium suit, which means he adds a lot to Team Stark.

Team Cap

Captain America

The ultimate freedom fighter will clearly have his hands full against Iron Man's ridiculous team, but he has plenty of heroes on his side as well.


One of the most interesting dynamics will be between him and Black Widow, as the two have long been partners and are also best friends, but now find themselves on opposing sides.


Basically Cap's War Machine equivalent in terms of being best buds, Falcon always has Cap's back no matter what.

Winter Soldier

If you watched Captain America: Winter Soldier, then you know that Bucky was Cap's best friend from the '40s who became a brainwashed supervillain. He gets his memory back in Civil War, and his renewed friendship with Cap, combined with the registration act, is what sets Iron Man and Cap at odds.

Scarlet Witch

The biggest weapon in Cap's arsenal, he'll need this Avenger's hexes against the powerhouses Iron Man's going to be throwing at him.


The shrinking hero joins the larger Marvel Universe probably thanks to Falcon, who was looking to make him an Avenger in Ant-Man.

Sharon Carter

This former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent hasn't been seen in action much yet, but if she's anything like her great aunt Peggy, AKA Agent Carter, then Cap will be happy to have her on his side.

So that's how the teams stack up, and while Cap has the numbers, Iron Man definitely has more firepower. Of course, there are still a few questions that haven't been answered yet. Like whether or not Spider-Man is joining the fight (he's in the movie) or if the Red Hulk will make an appearance (his alter ego, Thunderbolt Ross, is also in the film). But as it stands now, the way the teams have shaped up makes it look like Captain America: Civil War will definitely feature a battle for the ages.

Images: Walt Disney Studios; giphy.com