'The Good Wife' Is Ending After Season 7 So Get Ready To Say Goodbye To The Florricks

This is huge news, TV fans: during the Super Bowl on Sunday night, CBS confirmed that The Good Wife will end after Season 7. In an ad for the show, the network declared that there are only nine episodes of the beloved show left before its series finale. This is the first official confirmation that the show is reaching its end, as up until now, it was said that CBS was in talks with Good Wife creators Robert and Michelle King about the show's future, and hadn't reached any sort of decision. Apparently they came to an agreement, though, as the Super Bowl ad made the show's upcoming end very, very clear.

This is devastating news for fans who've stayed with the Florricks for years, but it might actually be for the best. The Good Wife's current season is its weakest in awhile, and with the Kings having said they would leave the show after this year, it was hard to imagine what new seasons of the series would look like. Even star Julianna Margulies had joked about being "unemployed" come the spring, and if Alicia Florrick herself wasn't sure about returning to the show, there was little hope that The Good Wife would continue to air, at least in a high-quality way.

Still, there's no denying that the news of its impending cancellation is upsetting. The Good Wife has been on air for seven seasons, and has gained a reputation as one of the most critically adored dramas on network television. From Alicia Florrick's character acting as a feminist icon for women to Will Gardner's shocking death becoming one of the most memorable TV moments of all time, the show has proven that it's must-see TV for seven years and counting. Even if its conclusion makes sense, it's still sad to hear that fans won't get to see Alicia, Cary, Diane, Eli and the rest on many Sunday nights to come.

Hopefully, these next nine episodes will be hugely satisfying, and bring proper conclusions to the characters fans have gotten to know and love over the past seven years. And maybe it'll even bring back Kalinda...

Image: CBS