Is 'The Good Wife' Ending? Julianna Margulies' Joke Is Causing A Stir

Dear, sweet Good Wife fans, we know the end of Sundays with Alicia Florrick has to come some day. (Personally, I'm still hoping the series pulls a Law and Order and stays on the air for at least another decade.) However, one little joke is making me question just how long we have left. While it hasn't been confirmed, rumors of the series ending have run rampant since creators Robert and Michelle King announced they would be leaving the show. And now, a Julianna Margulies joke seems to suggest The Good Wife really is ending. (Bustle reached out to CBS, whose representatives did not comment on the matter.) I sincerely hope she's wrong, because I am not ready. Say it ain't so, Julianna! Update: During the Super Bowl, CBS confirmed that The Good Wife will end after Season 7.

Fans are worried that Margulies, who has played the title character Alicia Florrick for the last seven seasons, may have let the cat out of the bag during a speech in honor of the King's at the Casting Society of America’s Artios Awards. According to Vulture she said,

"I surprised Robert and Michelle tonight. They didn’t know I was going to be here. They think I’m here for them, but I’m unemployed come April, and I think you haven’t seen me in a while, at least not in person, so I thought I should show up."

You saw it, too, right? "Unemployed come April."

So, does this mean the end of The Good Wife as we know it? Don't get upset just yet. Margulies is known to joke around and perhaps she was just having a good natured laugh with some old friends. I know that's what I'm banking on, because while I could handle the death of Will Gardner and even the departure of Kalinda, I don't think I could take the loss of Alicia too. I just won't do it.

If the series does end following the creators' departure, at least give me one more season in order to truly adjust to a life without Florrick. Please, CBS? From the acting to the writing, this show keeps me locked in, year in and year out. Until we know for sure, I'm just going to be over here hoping Margulies' comment is nothing to worry about and that we've got years of Alicia Florrick's Chicago to look forward to.