Beyoncé, Bruno, & Chris Martin Are #SquadGoals

Step aside, Taylor Swift, because there is a new trio of singers redefining what it means to have squad goals. During the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, a photo of Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, and Chris Martin surfaced that proves they make the ultimate squad. I mean, I was pretty stoked that Coldplay would be performing (I'm a huge fan), but when Queen Bey and Mars stepped out on stage, well, it took it to the next level. There's no doubt all three musicians are beyond talented, so seeing them standing next to one another definitely was chill-inducing.

Yes, fans are freaking out over Bey's "Formation" tour, which isn't surprising one bit. But, there are some who are also hoping Martin and Mars will tag along, because duh. Not only are they all musical masterminds, but their final song advertised love and world peace. Does it get better than that? If these three can use the Super Bowl to promote such an important message, then they obviously make one amazing squad.

Isn't that what #SquadGoals should be about? Doing good in a powerful way? Yeah, I think it's official: Bey, Bruno, and Chris are what squad goals should and forever be about. Even if you didn't enjoy the halftimes how, it's hard to argue with this fantastic photo and the fact Beyoncé, Mars, and Martin did at least something right.

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