7 'Bachelor' Contestants Who Need To Return To TV After Their Journey With Ben

It's still just the beginning, but this season of The Bachelor is already popping off. There are so many great cast members this year, but as we all know they cannot remain on the show forever. Every week contestants are eliminated, meaning that even the viewer favorites are at risk. Luckily, The Bachelor franchise is full of spin-offs that give loyal fans a chance to see the stand-out cast members again. And there are so many women from this season of The Bachelor that we need to see on television again. From Bachelor in Paradise to The Bachelorette to the live after show, there are plenty of opportunities for this season's stars to be on TV again both inside and outside of the franchise.

Although the women below are not necessarily "the one" for Ben Higgins (but who knows what will happen!), they are made for TV and we need to see more of them. Some of the ladies are just so genuine and likable that it would be great to see them get a chance at love on The Bachelorette. Others are just totally wild and the fans cannot get enough of them. Then there are some that the viewers just didn't get a chance to know well enough.

Here's who really need to make it on TV again from this season:

1. Lace Morris

Lace really made a major turn-around when it comes to Bachelor Nation. She went from being pretty viciously maligned by fans on social media for being "crazy" to being pretty endearing. Sadly, she chose to leave the show, because she wanted to work more on herself before she was ready to commit to other people. That just made me love her even more. During the live after show for Episode 3, Lace said that she wouldn't return as a Bachelor contestant because of how upset she was by the return of Becca and Amber, but she is possibly headed to Bachelor in Paradise . And I can totally see her on the show! Lace is the best and I want more.

2. Jubilee Sharpe

If Jubilee doesn't end up with Ben Higgins, she should be the next Bachelorette. Jubilee has such a compelling backstory as a war veteran, she doesn't get herself involved with the catty drama, and she really seems to be a super genuine person. Plus, if I'm keeping it real, we are way past due for some diversity in the Bachelor franchise. It's about time for us to have an African-American Bachelorette. Jubilee is kind and well-rounded. She is the perfect person to center a show around.

3. Olivia Caridi

I really do not see Olivia as Bachelorette, but the girl certainly makes good TV. She would be an ideal pot stirrer on Bachelor in Paradise. I'm not totally sure who's going to make a love connection with someone who related Ben mourning two deaths to getting made fun of for having cankles, but I'm sure she would start up some drama in paradise.

4. Caila Quinn

Caila has had a lot of screen time so far, but I have a feeling she's not going to win simply because of the amount of initial attention she's gotten on the show. Caila left her boyfriend to be a part of The Bachelor , so clearly she's invested in the franchise, so I am sure she would be down to appear on one or more of the spin-offs. I wouldn't be surprised if dudes lined up for her on The Bachelorette. And if that didn't work out, I can see her taking a stab at Bachelor in Paradise. Why not?

5. & 6. Emily & Haley Ferguson

I hope that twins Emily and Haley get more attention this season. My real dream is for Ben to go on a Hometown Date with one of the twins with the other already eliminated, so I'm really holding out for that. It would be cool for the twins to be double Bachelorettes like Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson, but without the elimination on night one aspect. It would be super interesting to see both Haley and Emily dating from the same pool of guys. If this happens, I want a cut of the royalties, ABC!

7. Becca Tilley

I know that Becca has already made a return to the franchise, but don't you just love her? She's beautiful, well spoken, kind, and on the hunt for love. She would be an ideal candidate as the star of The Bachelorette. I can even see her pulling an Ali Fedotowsky and stepping away from the franchise at some point as a television host. Or if she wanted to keep things in the family, Bachelor Live could use a co-host, in my opinion.

Ben Higgins is the main man this season, but he is clearly not the only star of the show. Hopefully, these ladies are not scared off from reality TV and can make other television appearances some time soon. I know that Bachelor Nation would definitely tune in for that.

Images: ABC (7)