This Woman Trying To Say "I Love You" Is All Of Us

If you haven't been watching the {THE AND} videos from The Skin Deep, it's really time to start. They do amazingly intimate— and often painful— videos of couples discussing their relationships. But not in a casual way. They have to ask each other difficult questions, face to face, and the camera catches what happens. It's surprisingly calm, but incredibly moving. They talk about everything— defining what they are, talking about their fears, weaknesses, and even lovely discussions about how they feel about each other. It's pretty incredible to watch. But this video is doing the rounds because of the touching, relatable, awkward dance around saying "I love you" for the first time. Although Cosmopolitan says it will leave you "cringing in a corner forever", I actually found it really touching and relatable.

Because if you're someone who has trouble saying I love you, this video is both your worst nightmare come to life and a massive relief. Yes, it's uncomfortable, but you can see someone else having exactly the same struggle. And he's not a d*ck about it in the least. In fact, I think considering they seem to be early in a relationship where he might be moving away, he's incredibly understanding and open.

I would really recommend checking out the others in this series, but this one is a must-see:

The Background

So we meet Emily and Bobby, they've only been dating two months, which is certainly not long They start out with innocent questions and answers. She talks about how he's the most sexy when he's so Southern that he's inarticulate because it's sexy that "you can make fun of yourself and be silly like that." Then she explains that: "I feel most sexy... when you tell me I am." Ahhhhh. Feels.

Being Stupidly Adorable

Oh don't worry, they continue to be ridiculously adorable as she tells a story about how she picked a massive booger and could see him through a window doing exactly the same thing. (Please note the finger she is using to describe it, it was pretty graphic).

Then Sh*t Gets Real

When Bobby asks Emily "What are you hesitant to tell me?", everything goes really serious. Without ever saying the words she explains how she wrote "it" in a Valentine's card "as an incentive for me to tell you. Because I want to...". But she doesn't want him to feel pressured. Seriously, Emily is all of us.


She gets really worked up, as he's gently prompting and helping her. She explain "I think that I've never... I think you know what I'm trying to say... you do know? I think you know. I don't want to say it... because... I don't know. I'm really scared to say this." Seriously. This is what happens in my head brain whenever I'm in her position. But look at him— he's worked up and emotional too! He's trying to help her out. It's all just too real.

It gets even more difficult when she asks: "What do you think is a weakness that I have in this relationship?" and he explains how he doesn't know how she'll cope if he moves and they have to break up. When she says "If I find something good I think I'm more likely to hold onto it, and I don't think that you are," your heart will probably break a little.

Watch it. It has all of the feelings. And if you're someone who has a billion things in your head before you say "I love you," you're totally gong to get it.

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