All The Marvel Easter Eggs In 'Deadpool'

by Rachel Simon

As you've probably guessed by the trailers, advertisements, and everything that's come out of Ryan Reynolds' mouth these past few months, Deadpool is not your typical superhero movie. For one thing, it stars Reynolds — not Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey, Jr., or any of the several men named Chris fans have come to know and love. For another, it's rated R, and believe me, it doesn't hold back when it comes to bringing out the curse words and nude scenes. And then there's the fact that the movie breaks the fourth wall, something that rarely happens in any film, let alone a superhero one. Yet this movie is similar to other films in its genre in one big way; Deadpool has Marvel easter eggs and references aplenty.

From references to Professor X (in both actor iterations, even) to jokes about Hugh Jackman, Deadpool is filled with scenes and one-liners that pay tribute to the comic world familiar to many fans. Not all of these tributes are nice, mind you, but they do exist, and Marvel fans will have a field day spotting all the easter eggs the new movie contains. Here are the 11 biggest — but beware, the list contains plenty of spoilers for the Feb. 12 release.

1. Wolverine's Genitalia

Early on in the film, the not-always-subtle Deadpool makes reference to Wolverine's.... parts. Always the classiest, this guy.

2. The X-Mansion

Professor Xavier's school for mutants — um, I mean gifted youngsters — makes an appearance early on, when students there are seen watching Deadpool's antics on the TV.

3. Colussus & Negasonic Teenage Warhead

These two X-Men have significant roles in the film, appearing several times to chastise Deadpool for his unconventional (to put it lightly) tactics out in the field. They make for a pretty great odd couple.

4. All The References To Superhero Movies

Per his tradition of breaking the fourth wall, Deadpool spends much of the movie telling the audience how his story is an "atypical superhero movie," and the opening credits refer to the cast and crew in blockbuster-movie cliches, rather than their actual names.

5. Professor X's Baldness

As summed up by Deadpool: "He's a creepy old bald Heaven's Gate-looking motherf*cker."

6. James McAvoy Vs. Patrick Stewart

When someone mentions Professor X, Deadpool quips, "McAvoy or Stewart?," adding that keeping track of the two is confusing. Same, tho.

7. Stan Lee's Cameo

As always, Marvel's Stan Lee has a cameo, this time appearing as a strip club DJ.

8. Hugh Jackman: People's Sexiest Man Alive

Let's just say, Deadpool is not pleased that Jackman has been named the Sexiest Man Alive, according to People.

9. The Rest Of The X-Men

Other than Colussus and Negasonic, no other major mutants make appearances in the film — a choice due, Deadpool jokes, to the fact that "the studio couldn't afford any other X-Men." Ouch.

10. Beast's... Habits

"Tell Beast to stop sh*tting on my lawn," Deadpool tells his mutant pals. Hey, give the poor guy a break.

11. Samuel L. Jackson

In the post-credits scene, Deadpool breaks the fourth wall, asking viewers why they're still there, considering there's no sequel teaser and "no Sam Jackson." Bummer, man.

Leave it to Deadpool to make its Marvel references in the grossest, dirtiest ways possible.

Images: Marvel/Fox; Giphy