17 Team Sparia Moments From ‘Pretty Little Liars’ That Prove This Friendship Is The Show’s Ultimate OTP

Love interests may come and go in Rosewood, but Pretty Little Liars' greatest strength comes not from romance, but rather from friendship — particularly the ones that exist between the Liars themselves. No one has been through more drama together than these girls and in many ways it's brought them closer than ever. But just like with any group of friends, some members prove to share a closer bond than others, and if I had to pick one relationship that stands out above the rest, it would be the friendship that exists between Pretty Little Liars' Spencer Hastings and Aria Montgomery. While I'll always agree that all four of these ladies are strongest together, there's no denying that Team Sparia can be an unstoppable force all on their own and has produced some truly amazing moments throughout the series.

From witty retorts to shrewd detective skills, Troian Bellisario and Lucy Hale make for a pretty little dynamic duo that has filled our hearts with joy time and time again. In fact, I'd even go out on a limb and say that they could very well be PLL's ultimate OTP. Because really, what is Rosewood without Team Sparia? But in case you don't feel comfortable just taking my word for it, here are some of the best Spencer and Aria moments that prove that this friendship is unlike any other.

1. When They Proved That Size Doesn't Matter

Sometimes great things come in small packages.

2. When Their Sleuthing Senses Were Tingling

No one can solve crimes like these two.

3. When Spencer Gave This Perfect Piece Of Relationship Advice

So simple, yet so brilliant.

4. When They 'Shipped Each Other As Hard As We Do


5. And Always Knew When It Was Time To Hug It Out

*all the feels*

6. When They Could Make Each Other Literally Laugh Out Loud

I mean, how could you not find this insanely adorable?

7. When They Were Each Other's Greatest Support System

They continuously saw the best in one another.

8. When They Recognized That Friendship Is A Two-Way Street

And not even a bathroom stall could separate their special bond.

9. When They Embraced Each Other's Nervous Tics

Or, at the very least, tolerated them. LOL.

10. When They Dished Out Tough Love

A brutal sense of honesty that only the best of friends could get away with.

11. When Their Teasing Was On Fleek

A priceless interaction if there ever was one.

12. When Spencer Told Aria Exactly What She Needed To Hear

Even if it may not have been true.

13. When They Knew Each Other Way Too Well

To the point where it was equal parts creepy and hilarious.

14. When They Made For The Perfect Drinking Buddies

Ultimate #squadgoals.

15. When Aria Wanted To Share Everything With Spencer

Sharing is caring, right?

16. When They Managed To Turn Insults Into Compliments

And appreciated each other for who they are.

17. When Words Were No Longer Necessary

Because all they really needed was each other.

Here's to many more epic moments to come!

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