Your 'Pretty Little Liars' Dictionary, Because Diehard Fans Have A Language No One Else Understands

There's no show that gets me quite the way Pretty Little Liars does, and if you're a fan, you totally understand how I feel. There's something about Rosewood that just sucks you in, even if the mysteries surrounding it tend to make you want to punch your TV out of frustration. Maybe that's why the Pretty Little Liars fandom is so ridiculously strong: we are all bonded for life over our thirst for knowledge and collective A quest. Of course, it's not just the mystery that keeps fans invested: Pretty Little Liars has also given us amazing characters, couples to 'ship, and sassy one liners to drop on our friends. (Thank you, Hanna Marin.) There could be an entire dictionary for Pretty Little Liars fans, because the PLL army doesn't quit, even if you have no idea what we mean by the term Spoby.

There are just so many things that non-Pretty Little Liars fans can never and will never completely understand, but if you are a diehard fan, you'll absolutely get the significance of these Pretty Little Liars terms. Check out this Pretty Little Liars dictionary, because real fans definitely know the difference between Black Veil and Black Swan.

Bethany Young: The dead girl who was buried alive in Alison's grave the night that Ali disappeared. She was a patient at Radley Sanitarium with a connection to Mrs. DiLaurentis.

Big A: The one who stole the game away from Mona sometime in Season 2. We now think that this person goes by the name Charles DiLaurentis.

Black Swan: The costume that A (then Mona) made Melissa wear at the Masquerade Ball, in order to distract the Liars from The Real Plan.

Black Veil: The anonymous woman who came to Detective Wilden's funeral. Alison's mother was later seen wearing the costume in one of Ali's guilt-ridden dreams about Mona.

Charles DiLaurentis: Big A, and also a relation of Ali's. From his home movies, it seems that he could be Jason's twin, but we're not sure about that yet.

Emison: The couple name for Emily and Alison. Many PLL fans are divided between this 'ship and Paily.

Ezria: The couple name for Aria and Ezra, even though, yes, Ezra is Aria's teacher. (Just go with it, like everyone else in Rosewood does.)

Haleb: The couple name for everyone's OTP, Caleb and Hanna.

Hefty Hanna: The horrible nickname Ali gave Hanna that shows just how cruel the Liars' leader could be before she disappeared.

Marion Cavanaugh: Toby's mom, who died under mysterious circumstances at Radley.

Ms. Grunwald: The psychic who saved Ali after she was buried alive, but whose inability to answer any real questions about A drives everyone bananas.

Original A: Mona, the first person to don the black hoodie and go by the cryptic A name.

Paily: The couple name for Emily and Paige, whom fans love to root for despite the fact that Paige tried to drown Emily once upon a time. (It's NBD now, TBH.)

Radley Sanitarium: A mental institution that, if it were really on the Main Line, would have been closed down years ago. A lot of bad things happen in, around, or in connection to Radley.

Ravenswood: Let's just not.

Red Coat: A costume someone can put on in order to represent Alison. CeCe Drake has donned the crimson costume, and there's reason to suspect A might have as well. Red Coat is sometimes referred to as Vivian Darkbloom when it's Ali beneath the coat.

Sara Harvey: A girl that went missing around the same time as Alison, whose whereabouts are still unknown.

Spoby: The couple name for Spencer and Toby, which would take five Scrabble necklaces to spell out properly.

Team Sparia: The friendship name for crime-fighting BFFs Spencer and Aria.

The Apple Rose Grill: The only restaurant that exists in Rosewood. Pretty sure supermarkets don't exist either.

The Brew: The only place to get coffee in all of Rosewood, and also the center of many "secret" conversations.

The Dollhouse: A's creepy-as-hell lair where he kept a definitely-not-dead Mona for months. He also kidnapped the Liars and brought them there to "play."

The Liars: The name that references Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily. Ali is sometimes clumped in with the original four, but let's be honest — you ain't supposed to be there, girl.

The N.A.T. Club:A group of creepy high schoolers who filmed lots of "home movies" around town, and definitely filmed a few girls changing in their bedrooms.

Varjak: A name connected to A, either through a minion or Charles himself, which references the male character from Breakfast At Tiffany's.

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