13 Easy Ways To Change Up Your Hair If You Want To Freshen Up Your Look

With winter still lingering around, I’m getting seriously tired of my standard “shove all hair into beanie and brave the snow” routine. If you’re also feeling all kinds of in a style rut this season, I’ve scouted out tons of easy ways to change up your hair. Whether you have a first time pixie cut like me, or locks that reach down past your hips, you’re bound to find some inspiration to help revitalize your look. Just because spring isn’t exactly around the corner doesn’t mean you can’t add a little oomph to your style!

I want to stop and reiterate to the short-haired ladies out there that changing up your hairstyle is easier than you think. After getting my pixie cut, I felt really limited about styling it until I started snooping around on the internet for new ways to shake it up. Thanks to celebrities like Clare Bowen, Tavi Gevinson, and Jessie J, I learned not to limit myself and be willing to fearlessly try things out. I mean, worst case you just take a shower and start over or pop a beanie over it anyway, right? Right.

The tutorials below are fast, simple, and totally doable even if you consider yourself a total DIY rookie when it comes to hairstyling. Channel some body-pos confidence and have fun, lady!

1. Faux Bob

Gilmakeup on YouTube

If you've got long locks, this tutorial will show you how to fold it under to create a stylized and chic faux bob.

2. Wet Hair Look

Sazan Hendrix on YouTube

Go all sorts of runway model trendy with a simple and sleek wet hair look.

3. Curled Pixie

lalastar0002 on YouTube

If you've got a shaggy pixie, don't be afraid to tweak the style and curl out the top! It'll totally change your look.

Conair -1/2 Inch Curling Iron, $10, Amazon

4. Hair Chalk

RealAsianBeauty on YouTube

What's easier than some fun and bold hair chalk?

24 Piece Hair Chalk Kit, $14, Amazon

5. Kool Aid Dip Dye

tabs24x7Official on YouTube

Go for a kool ombre effect by temporarily dying your hair with kool aid.

6. Halo Braid

LipsticknCurls on YouTube

When you're having a "bad hair day," braid away your frustrations into an elegant halo wraparound.

300 Bobby Pins, $6, Amazon

7. Move Your Part

Michelle Phan on YouTube

Where you part your hair can dramatically alter your face. A center part is bright and clean, while I deep side part can add a major glam factor.

8. Clip-In Bangs

Gee Box on YouTube

You can totally transform your style within minutes with clip-in bangs. GeeBox shows you how to do it in a way that looks 100 percent natural.

9. Extensions

danielle jackson on YouTube

Even if you have super short hair, you can still successfully clip in extensions and blend them into your hair flawlessly.

Clip In Extensions, $45, Amazon

10. Texturizing Spray

Spray up your natural wave by kicking it up a knot with texturizing spray to get that #JustOffTheBeach look.

11. Sleek Ponytail

Nia Imani on YouTube

If you have natural hair, learn how to create a sleek bun or ponytail that comes together in minutes.

12. Flat Iron Waves

Brea Field on YouTube

As long as you have a flat iron, creating beachy waves couldn't be simpler.

The Hair Titan Flat Iron, $97, Amazon

13. Little Braids

Patry Jordan English on YouTube

Just because your hair is short doesn't mean you can't rock braids. With these cute style options, you'll learn how to create little braids that transform your whole look.

Images: LipsticknCurls/YouTube

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