Do You See It?!

I know you didn't think that you needed these pictures in your life, but you did — you absolutely did. So, before you get all transfixed on them (unless you already are, which is pretty understandable), here's some important backstory: The Full House guys appeared on Good Morning America today, as did Rihanna. Both were in the same NYC studio at the same time, so they predictably ran into each other and (probably) exchanged plesantries, etc. Then, the Full House guys took a photo, and Rihanna photobombed them like five times. End of the most amazing story you've heard today.

The photos are, as you can see, awesome: I urge you all to pay special attention not only to Rihanna's wide range of cutesy poses, but also to John Stamos' wide range of hilarious facial expressions. Uncle Jesse should be a new emoji or something! I don't know, it's just an idea — I get inspired when looking at hilarious pictures like this.

Don't forget: The Full House guys are all set to reunite in a commercial for Dannon Oikos greek yogurt that will air during the Super Bowl this Sunday. Two teasers have already been released, and they're both great — no word on if Rihanna will be there too, but hey, we can dream.

Check out the photos below.

Image: GMA/Twitter