Rory's Love Interest Could Be Someone Totally New

by Michelle Lulic

The Gilmore Girls Netflix revival is officially underway and, with that, the fan theories are going wild. While we don't know much about what we can expect out of Stars Hollow at this point, we do know a few things for a fact. For example, Rory is definitely single. However, to add more fire to that (what I would assume to be) short-lived relationship status, is the fact that Matt Czuchry (as in Logan himself) will be returning for the revival series as well. So, will Rory end up with Logan after all? Or, perhaps, there's still hope that Rory could reconnect with Jess? Or maybe even Dean? Honestly, nobody really knows at this point. In fact, there's even a theory that Rory could end up with Marty. (Remember him?) So, what's my theory about Rory's love life? There's a good chance that Rory will date someone we have never even met before.

I prefer to keep an open mind when it comes to the love lives of the girls sporting the last name Gilmore. Why? Well, as we've already seen in the seven previous seasons of the show, you never quite know how the wind is going to blow in that town. Guys can come out of nowhere and then leave just as quickly as something begins. Basically, why are we all so hung up on Rory's past when she's already lived years as an adult? An adult life means new adult relationships.

Let me just break this down for a second. Rory is a full-blown grown-up. She's independent, successful, educated, and, seriously, what new guy wouldn't want to date her? So that only means one thing: Tons of new options. Why would she settle for someone who broke her heart in the past when there are guys she could have met at her new job? I mean, when we last left Rory, she did just jumpstart her career as a political journalist. Think of all of the adult years she's had before her.

So, who is this new guy and what might we expect from him? Well, I'm proposing two different options of how Rory might find her next love. One is that she either knows someone from her job (or hanging out in the general political scene) and that might eventually turn into something more. My second theory is that she will meet a newbie in Stars Hollow (once again), and he will turn her entire world upside down.

Let's start by exploring the first idea. Considering that Rory was working as a political journalist, that scene had to have been a crazy transition for her. After a quiet life in Stars Hollow, a new, smart politician could have caught her eye. And, personally, I would love to see Rory deal with the turmoils that surround being in the public eye. Emily and Lorelai sure would freak over that one, wouldn't they?

However, the theory I'm most hoping will come true is that of Rory meeting a newbie after returning to Stars Hollow. With the right guy, Rory might just have to struggle between returning to the small town life she grew up in or returning to the big city so that she can take on the world of journalism. It would certainly be the confusing, long-distance struggle that many people deal with nowadays. However, it does seem to perfectly fit into the transitional period of Rory being back home after beginning her life elsewhere.

Now, all-in-all, I must admit something. Seeing anyone struggle with relationship drama is never fun. However, considering that Rory is a longtime friend in the form of a fictional character, seeing her deal with juggling either of those two different kinds of relationships would secretly be amazing. And what could be added on top of one of those new, extreme relationships? A nice run-in with one (or all?) of her exes just as she gets an engagement ring on her finger. Yes, I'm super thinking ahead here. But, in proper Gilmore Girls fashion, the boy drama is bound to be overlapping — and just plain heart-wrenching.

Filming for the Gilmore Girls revival series is currently underway, and the revival will, hopefully, be available for Netflix streaming as soon as humanly possible. Because, honestly, seeing what happens next is the only thing that will stop my brain from reeling with questions. Until then, I shall go marathon the entire show on Netflix.

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