How Rory Has Probably Changed In The Past 8 Years

I'm surprised #WhereWereYouWhenGilmoreGirlsComebackHappened hasn't started trending yet — but unless you've been away from your Facebook feed for the past few hours, it's hard to miss the news that Gilmore Girls revival might be in the works. Albeit it may just for a few 90-minute episodes on Netflix... it still means that we all may have the chance to *finally* see where the whole gang is, eight years later.

While I love Lorelei forever and ever amen, I always related to Rory's ambition to be a writer, how eventually (after me screaming at her for many seasons) she came to her senses about the terrible men dated and her close relationship with her mom (my mama is my bestie, too). But of course, if Rory graduated from Yale in 2007, that's only two years before I left with a journalism degree, packed my bags and headed 800 miles North to live in New York — sans job, apartment, and friends.

I have to say — I hope that after Rory did the election thing for a few years — that she did that very same thing. It feels somewhat like a rite of passage of a writer — not only do you have to write for free (for a very long time), but oftentimes, you take a leap of faith and cross your AP Style-spying eyes that a great gig will land in your lap.

Apart from her address, I'm sure other things have changed for Rory, and if I could guess, here's what I think she's up to these days:

1. She's Single And On Dating Apps...

In between working at a start-up digital media company that focuses on literature, trends and culture, she's trying to freelance on the side, make it to pilates class and make it to brunch (with lots and lots of coffee) on Sunday... she doesn't have time to date that much. After Lane called her from Stars Hollow to tell her about this 'Tinder' thing she heard of and so-and-so found love on it, Rory promised she's download it.

2. ...And This Is What Her Profile Says

“I am a writer. Imagining what someone would say or do comes to me as naturally as breathing.” -John Didion, The Year of Magical Thinking.

Writer | From a town you've never heard of | Bushwick | Coffee

If you don't read, please swipe left.

3. She Still Loves Coffee, But Only Goes To Local Shops

She gave big coffee shops a chance when she moved to D.C. and they did late-night runs, but since she's moved to New York, she only drinks local. Preferably, organic, fair trade and from a place that's cash only.

4. Paris Moved To New York Too, And Is Obviously, Super Successful

Rory is still #besties with Paris —who has already sold her first start-up company and is working on a new app idea with her second husband since divorcing Doyle and winning big time in the settlement. She's really into spin class these days (but only with the right instructor who teaches Thursdays at 7 a.m.) and forces Rory to go a get green juice afterwards. (Rory hates green juice.)

5. Rory Video Chats With Lorelei Every Day... And Is Coming Around To Snapchat

Though her apartment's WiFi isn't that great, she's still on the Family Plan with her mom and Luke (it's only $20, thank-you-very-much, 2006!) — she tries to video chat with her mom every day. Lorelei is really — really! — into Snapchat these days and sends snaps of everything: funny-looking people who check in at the Dragonfly Inn, snaps of her now 4-year-old twins (OK, I'm dreaming...) and every. last. cup. of. coffee. she. drinks. Rory 'follows' her story but doesn't snap herself.

6. Rory Borrows Luke's Flannels

She does live in Brooklyn these days, so they're always a go-to. Luke can't understand why his flannels keep disappearing. In response, Lorelei just shrugs and texts Rory a laughing emoji.

7. She Doesn't Have A Car

After living in D.C., she realized the metro was the only way to go. She might hate the L train service during rush hour and the weekends, but thankfully, it takes forever so she has time to catch up on her reading on the train.

8. She Meets Her Future Husband Via Instagram

One day Paris sent Rory a link via G-chat to a'despicable' article from one of those 'content mills that exposes trivial social media trends' because 'okay, the idea is cute.' It's about that Instagram Hot Dudes Reading... so she starts following. One day, she runs into one of the guys who was reading Tolstoy... and she bravely commented a quote from the book. He responded... and well... the rest is non-fiction.

9. Eventually, She Ends Up Writing Books And Moves Back To Stars Hollow

She'll be that successful writer, but around 35, she'll decide she wants to have kids — that she won't name Lorelei, but Lori and Logan instead — and move back to Stars Hollow. After all, if you have the right bylines and make the right connections, she can write books from home, always have Luke's coffee at hand and have her mom come over when she (possibly, maybe, definitely) freaks out about, well, everything.

Without those episodes, we wouldn't love Rory as much as we do, right?

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