Bieber's Ladyfriend Chantel Is Pret-ty Clas-sy

The joke must be on us, cruel world, for assuming naively that anyone willing to call herself an "eyebrow connoisseur" and date Justin Bieber would be immediately willing to sell out her man for a few thou. In response to rumors and a direct offer from the New York strip club Scores, Bieber's girlfriend Chantel Jeffries won't sell her story to anyone, no matter the price. Well, she didn't really say all that, but we can read that much from what she did say, and the fact that she hasn't already inked a deal with whatever sordid tabloid was willing to pay the most. Bieber might not have class himself, but he has solidly decent taste in women. There's Selena Gomez, Silent Chantel Jeffries... and a young Brazilian woman who works in a brothel.

It's not especially shocking that loads of low quality publications offered Jeffries money for the story, that type of behavior is rather run of the mill. Nor is it shocking that a strip club jumped at the chance to have a 20-year-old associated with Bieber MC their web cams (whatever that means). What was actually surprising was that Jeffries, Bieber-ladyfriend extraordinaire, didn't take the money.

So here's the crux of it. Jeffries might be a Florida based model and she might well make her name being an eyebrow celebrity, but she is, it would seem, above selling her 15 minutes of fame for a buck or two, and that's kind of cool.

If I can say nothing else remotely nice about Justin Bieber, and I often struggle to do so, I will say this: he knows how to pick his ladies. Selena Gomez handled their relationship and subsequent breakups like a pro, and it seems Chantel is not going to drag-race and tell, so erm... props Bieber, you could do with learning something from the women you choose to share your life with.

Image: ChantelJeffries/Instagram