Sookie Could Have Moved Out Of Stars Hollow In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival To Explain Her Absence

Look, I'm as excited as the next Gilmore Girls enthusiast about the upcoming revival show. And yet, my heart feels empty knowing that Melissa McCarthy's character Sookie will not be in the Gilmore Girls revival. Fingers are still crossed that they throw in a scene for Sookie (you can cut out some of Logan's time, I won't complain), but I'm not crossing fingers and holding my breath at the same time. But why is Sookie gone? Is there a chance that Sookie moved out of Stars Hollow? That would certainly be one way for the revival to explain her absence.

If there is a Dragonfly Inn shouldn't Sookie be slaving away in the kitchen while her children run around like a young Rory did once at the Independence Inn? Why would Sookie leave something she worked so hard to create? Why would Sookie leave Stars Hollow, a town with countless opportunities to make delicious food at the numerous town festivals? It just doesn't seem right.

The only reason I can think that Sookie would ever leave Stars Hollow is if she or Jackson got an amazing opportunity that moved them somewhere else. Sookie is definitely talented enough to become world famous, and, with Jackson's veggies by her side, she's unstoppable. Unless he has to stop farming in the magical grounds of Connecticut, and his crops aren't as good (sigh). Regardless, with that twosome's talent, there is a lot of room for professional growth for the both of them. And, if she moved away, Sookie would, of course, still have some share in the Dragonfly Inn and would stop in every now and then to check on it.


My fear for Sookie is that she moved out of town to live with Jackson's horrible family... maybe a relative got sick? As long as that relative isn't Beau, the creepy cousin played by Nick Offerman who hits on Lorelai, it would be livable. Jackson's family drives Sookie crazy though. (Remember the episode where they have a Thanksgiving picnic and deep fry a turkey?). I wouldn't wish this fate on her.

Whether or not Sookie's absence is explained by her having moved out of Stars Hollow, we have to accept the fact that we won't get to see much, if any, of Sookie St. James in the Gilmore Girls revival. All I can do is hope the best for her character until the truth is revealed at the revival premiere.

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