First Trailer for 'The Rover' Starring Robert Pattinson Looks like 'The Road: Australia'

Ever since Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II came out in 2012, Robert Pattinson has been on a quest to prove that there's more to him than sparkles and fangs. First, he agreed to play a role in Maps to the Stars , an artsy fartsy film that promises "a contemporary tale exploring the demons of our celebrity-obsessed society." That sounds like penance for wasting our time with tabloid coverage of his ever-fizzling relationship with film's most boring white girl. Or maybe he's just desperately trying to make use forget about his dramatic vampire-angst faces. Newsflash: we will never forget.

Now, His Vampiness will be starring in another mortal film, a dystopian thriller called Rover . Although the trailer for this film is exciting, it also seems to be The Road: Australia. Remember when The Road came out? We were all impressed by the dusty, desolate wasteland, and Viggo made us cry a few times by being so damn depressed about the end of the world.

Apparently, that wasteland existed in Australia all along, and if you add a few more people and a lot more guns to The Road, you seem to be left with Rover. Watch the trailer below, and try not picture Viggo walking past in the distance.

A24 on YouTube

Image: Roadshow Films