How To Steal Kylie Jenner's New Haircut

With all the Super Bowl hype last night, you may have missed the fact that Kylie Jenner got a new haircut, according to People Magazine. Just when you get used to her rocking one style, she goes and switches it up and gets another. And that's exactly why you love her so much.

OK, so Jenner changes her hair all the time, so by this point, some of the hype might be a little lost on you — but this time is different. The 18-year-old entrepreneur documented her entire haircut on Snapchat, so you can see exactly how it's done, and be able to recreate (or, you know, show your stylist how to recreate) her cut on yourself. Seriously, can this just be a new mandated rule for celebrities? That'd be awesome. Thanks!

Jenner's new asymmetrical cut is courtesy of her stylist, Jen Atkin, and if you love texture, a bit of choppiness, and all around cool girl vibes, you're going to want to steal this cut. I mean, at least until she goes and gets another equally fabulous style that you will also inevitably want to replicate.

Though Kylie hasn't Instagrammed any pictures of her new 'do yet, breaking down the entire process on snapchat might actually be even better.

Here's Atkin explaining exactly what's about to go down:

Business in the front, party in the back.

To keep that textured, undone look, you want to avoid blunt ends.

Is your thick hair scaring you off from wanting to go shorter? Don't worry — this is how you take weight out of it.

So what's the finished product look like?

This is where we got gipped, because we didn't get to see a full snap of the end result, but from what I can tell from the video, I am digging the A-line cut, and it's going to look so fierce at New York Fashion Week this week.

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