Maroon 5 Responds To Taraji P. Henson’s Super Bowl 50 Tweet & They Have A Great Sense Of Humor

Whoopsies! That’s what Taraji P. Henson was most likely thinking the minute she realized that she was tweeting about the wrong band during Super Bowl 50’s half time show. The Emmy Award winner and star of Empire tweeted her love for Maroon 5 during the half-time show, even though it was Coldplay that was actually playing. Declaring on social media, “YAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!! #maroon5 is life to me!!!” Henson mixed up the two bands in a big way. But the members of Maroon 5 didn’t let it bother them. Instead, they had fun with it, responding to Henson's tweet with a message that embraced the humor of the situation and that the whole thing was all in good fun.

It all started about halfway through Super Bowl 50 when Taraji P. Henson tweeted her love for Maroon 5. Except Maroon 5 wasn’t the group performing at that time, it was Coldplay. Tomato, tomahto, I say. But the rest of the Twittesphere was quick to correct her.

But here’s what’s so great about Henson: Instead of deleting the tweet or apologizing profusely, she laughed at herself like only a grown ass woman can and tweeted “ Oooooooopppps. Lmao! #Superbowl50.” The whole thing was pretty great. A feel-good story that everyone could laugh at.

Including Maroon 5. Because on Monday Maroon 5 tweeted a response to Henson, thanking the star for loving their performance… from their seats. The band humorously added, “We think we sounded pretty good!”

Seriously, Maroon 5, good on you. The fact that you were able to take the confusion as a thing to laugh at and not something personal just goes to show how awesome you really are. And the fact that they didn’t take the opportunity to start some sort of ridiculous Twitter war or embarrass Henson further just goes to show what great sports they are.

Really the whole thing just makes me love Taraji P. Henson and Maroon 5 even more than I already do. With more twitter wars than I can count breaking out on the daily between celebrities, you have to appreciate it when a star are refuses to take themselves too seriously and is able to laugh wholeheartedly at themselves.