How Far $50 Of Gas Will Take You From Your City

Have you ever sat down and thought about how far $50 worth of gas will take you? Chances are you haven't. It's not because you're a careless person, it's mostly because as a species we're concerned with price over distance. Gas prices consume the majority of our car concerns and distance is just an afterthought we have to deal with later. I have never wondered how far my beautiful car can take me on a tank of gas — I'm usually too busy yelling over the fuel price hike at my local gas station.

Well now you never have to worry about distance because How Much, a cost information website, already broke everything down for you. They did fancy math and analyzed just how far you can stretch a tank of gas depending on what city you live in. They calculated the results based off the gas prices in certain areas along with their geographical location. Their results tell you some interesting things about different cities across the United States. If you are wondering why this should even matter to you, you can think of it as a guide for your next big move. You will want to consider how much money you will be spending on travel, versus how much there is to see outside of your city. After all, who wants to be cooped up without an ability to cheaply travel on the weekends?

Being in a huge city can sometimes feel like you're living in a self contained world. You never really ponder your mobility outside of the city limits. But that's doing yourself a huge disservice. There are so many places to travel to and see that never leaving your home is a crime. So the next time you're thinking of moving somewhere new, just consider what you'll be gaining or giving up.

1. New York City

Looking at this chart you can see how far you can stretch $50 in NYC. Your gas can get you are far as Cleveland, and as high up as Canada. Obviously you can hit up Boston and Washington as well. This seems like a pretty sweet deal since living in NYC is very expensive. Knowing that you can go to to many other places if you somehow got bored of all the arts and culture in New York City really puts a cherry on the whole thing.

2. San Francisco

Living in San Francisco gives you the option of visiting San Diego as well as going up north to the Redwoods — if you don't feel like living in Los Angeles. You would be in range of six national forests, access to the beach and skiing all in one place. Not bad for $50.

3. Miami

Of all the coastal cities I looked at, it seemed like Miami had the least variety. I'm sorry Miami, it's not really your fault. You just happen to be located in Florida, which is surrounded by water on three sides. Your geographical location and gas prices which are considered amongst the highest in the US, combine to make you a bad option for car lovers with wanderlust. But don't worry, you still have everyone beat on night life!

Check out How Much online to see how far you could get from your city on $50 of gas!

Images: (3); Pexels