You Can Swim With Pigs Like 'The Bachelor'

Most of the dates on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are kind of hokey. They usually involved a combination of the following: A rooftop, a helicopter, a beach, a waterfall, champagne, dinner, and fireworks. It’s like a “choose-your-own-adventure” where you are still pretty sure of what the ending will be. Well, Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor is stepping things up, because tonight, Ben and the contestants swam with pigs, and yes, you can live your best life and swim with pigs in the Bahamas, too.

Ben grabbed a bunch of the women from their resort in the Bahamas, telling them that “love is unpredictable.” While I thought he was going to sail them into the Bermuda triangle, he actually chartered a boat and took the women to Exuma, Bahamas, an archipelago of 365 islands where pigs swim free and you can feed them hot dogs (chicken ones — no cannibalism here) until your heart is content. According to the Swimming Pigs website, these Exuma beauties “attract thousands of tourists each year,” including famous models, rock stars, actors, and now, the entire cast of The Bachelor. There’s even been a documentary filmed about the Swimming Pigs, aptly named When Pigs Swim. Does this sound like an amazing dream? Because for me, I would go and never leave.

It's worth noting that the pigs on The Bachelor were the, um, teensiest little bit aggressive. Mostly because they knew that a boat load of women in bikinis was coming straight for them carrying buckets of chicken weiners. Do these pigs know where their next meals are coming from or what? The whole sequence was edited like a Hitchcock movie, and besides being among the most exciting Bachelor dates in recent memory, it was definitely the most fun to watch. Swimming with the fishes? Not good. Swimming with the pigs? My next vacation.

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