'The Bachelor' Didn't Show Leah's Black Eye & It's Not The First Time The Show Has Skipped A Major Moment

On this week's episode of The Bachelor , things went downhill fast for Leah. Between the disconnect she was feeling between her and Ben Higgins and throwing Lauren B. under the bus to disastrous results, this definitely was not her time to shine. And, even though she made a last ditch attempt at going to see Ben in his hotel room, it all backfired on her and she was sent home. Worst of all? After all the drama with Lauren, I thought for sure this would be the day Leah got hit on The Bachelor, but it never happened. This was supposed to be reality TV gold. Why didn't they show it?!

In case you have no idea what I'm talking about, let me refresh your memory. In the promos for the season after the premiere aired, we were shown a clip of Leah saying someone hit her in the face. Immediately, I assumed it was Lace — she seemed to be the clear-cut villain from the start, but that was dashed when she took herself out of the competition weeks ago. But, now, it would make way more sense if it was Lauren B. getting revenge for everything she said about her. Extreme revenge, sure, but it would make sense.

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Unfortunately, we may never see what happened or find out who actually hit Leah. Or, even, if it was a real thing. Because now, she's no longer on the show, which means this clip will never air. And, even worse? There's no real answer about why it wasn't included. Obviously, it was probably edited due to time (maybe?) but this seems to fall into the category of Bachelor clips that are thrown into the promos to keep people interested all season and then never materialize in an actual episode. You know, like the time Bachelor in Paradise wanted to make us think Ashley Iaconetti was pregnant? Or that scene in Chris Soules' season with the pregnancy test that never made it to air?

What really happened to Leah, we may never know. Still, life goes on! And, there's plenty more drama to come, I'm sure of it.

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Image: ABC