'The Bachelor' Might Get Violent This Season

After just one episode of Ben Higgins' Bachelor season, we don't know too much about this year's contestants. However, thanks to the promo that aired after the premiere, it's clear that the editing team's mission this season is to make Lace the resident villain. In just the two hours Monday's episode gave us, the 25-year-old is judging everyone else, demanding kisses from Ben Higgins, and downing wine with the best of them. And, then, in the season promo, it looks like Lace hits Leah in the face on The Bachelor at some point and leaves Leah with a pretty serious shiner. Wait, what's going on?! Is this real, or was it just editing room magic striking again?

As I do not have a crystal ball (or a direct line to Reality Steve), I cannot say for sure what actually ends up happening. But from the promo, it seems like they get into a fight. Leah, sitting there with a black eye, says, "this b*tch is crazy. She hit me in the face." And then, the camera goes directly to Lace. If we're going by just this promo, I'd say that's exactly what happened. But, thanks to my years of Bachelor experience, I can tell you it's not always that easy.

The women in the clip are right — Lace is clearly coming off as aggressive. She went in for that first kiss seconds after meeting Ben, she wasn't shy about throwing shade on the other contestants out loud, and she made a beeline for our Bachelor after the rose ceremony to call him out for not giving her enough eye contact. Does it seem "in character" of her to haul off and hit somebody? I suppose.

But, the promo for the season ahead is almost never indicative of what actually happens during the season. Remember how somebody was possibly pregnant on Bachelor in Paradise last season, but that clip never even aired? That kind of stuff happens all the time. And really, Leah could have been talking about anyone other than Lace when she's talking about getting hit.

So, what's the truth? We'll just have to wait and see what happens this season. But my fingers are crossed that women don't stoop to hitting other women this season, because I do not want to watch that.

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Image: Rick Rowell/ABC