Jessica Alba's Honest Beauty Has A New Retailer

Move over, Gwyneth Paltrow and Juice Beauty. Literally. She needs some shelf space. Jessica Alba's Honest Beauty collection, which boasts 83 products across the makeup and skincare realms, is going to be more widely available. Go ahead and scream, shout, shake, and cry over this good news. It's definitely worth that intense reaction. Alba's Honest household products, like cleansers, spray hand sanitizer, and baby wipes are sold at big box stores like Target and Costco. Now, Honest Beauty, which has been available via the Honest Beauty website, is now on its way to stores for the first time and its partner is a major retailer. Where can you buy Jessica Alba's Honest Beauty?

Honest Beauty will be sold at 250 Ulta stores as well as online later this month. The exact date was not revealed in the official press release. The release just stated "February 2016." With just 19 days left in the shortened month, it translates to this: VERY SOON!

You Can Shop Honest Beauty At

Ulta outposts are pretty much everywhere, so you will be able to test and then shop the Honest collection with greater ease!

In the release, Alba, who starred in an amazing, Honest Beauty product-created smoky eye tutorial, stated that her eco-friendly and environmentally responsible company chose Ulta because its "commitment to providing customers with the ultimate beauty experience is aligned with our mission of helping women shine by embracing who they are."

The sometime actor and lifestyle mogul furthered, "Our brand was created to offer the modern woman an alternative to beauty she can believe in, centered around her on-the-go life and varied style. Our goal was to design a clean, conscious line that gives her confidence, celebrates her diversity and uniqueness, and is powered by uncompromised, botanically charged ingredients. We are excited to partner with Ulta Beauty to engage our customers at new touch points."

Amen, sister! I cannot wait to see the products IRL and test them to pick out which shades work best for my skintone.

Oh, I've got even more good news! Try not to have a meltdown from all this awesome.

Honest Beauty will continue to introduce "new product innovations" at Ulta stores and online through the year. So more products appear to be on the way!

Yay, yay, and yay. Alba's Honest Beauty will share retail space with Paltrow's Juice Beauty, which is also sold at Ulta. Now you have double the killer celeb-backed makeup lines to peruse when makeup shopping.

Images: Honest Beauty/Instagram (4)