You Know You're The Mom Of Your Squad When

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It's hard enough taking care of yourself these days without the added pressure of taking care of everyone around you. If you're the mom of your friend group, that responsibility becomes your unofficial job. It's a title you earn and something you grow into. You might not have wanted it, but it comes naturally — like breathing or asking for a straw at a restaurant. You are the mom of your friend group and you wear that badge with honor.

On any given night of the week you are the go-to person for advice and comfort. Your gentle voice and understanding nature gives your friends a sense of peace that they search for in others, only to come up short. There is always one among your friends and if you can't quite pinpoint who it is, then you're the mom. It's an unwritten rule that it becomes your responsibility to take care of everyone. People come to expect your input in their lives and get weirded out when you decide to stay out of their personal business. After all, who better to guide them than the motherly figure you have come to represent? Get ready for long nights of consoling your crying friend over a boy who was rude, hours of worrying that someone is going to fall off the edge at a rooftop party and endless waiting for the "I'm home" texts you requested. And while you might hate the title, you secretly love how much people depend on you. So here is the list of things only people who are the moms of their friend group will understand.

Having To Give Advice

Your wisdom is far beyond your age. You have an ability to give sage advice people will treasure for a long time. Even if you often find your self completely lost and have no idea why people even listen to you, your opinion matters to others.

Listening To Your Friends

If there was a championship for listening to your friends you would come first every single year. No matter how trivial or inconsequential you will give your undivided attention to whoever needs it.

Needing To Comfort Others

The combination of listening and giving advice makes you a solid pick for a comforting shoulder to cry on. You never know why your day went from being about you to being about your friends in under fifteen minutes. You always have the best pillows, warmest hot chocolate and the comfiest couch.

You Always Offer To Grab People Water When You Get Up From The Table

That's just who you are! If you are getting up from the table you will always offer to get people whatever they need. Others come before you — always. Nothing is too small or too big for you to carry.

You Can Always Tell When Someone Is Not Good For Your Friend

Like a good mother you always know when someone is not a good influence on your friends. Whether it's just another new friend or a significant other your eyes are wide open, ready to catch the first sign of bullsh*t that comes your way. After all, who will have to pick up the pieces when things go sour? Might as well cut it off at the source.

You Hate Bullies

Knowing that someone is being intentionally cruel really gets to you. And like a protective grizzly you will destroy anything or anyone who threatens your friends.

Your Hugs Are The Best

Your hugs are the equivalent of going to a Beyoncé concert. Everyone wants to get one and they don't care the price they have to pay. It's a great power that comes with a lot of responsibility.

You're The Go To For Your Drunk Friends

No matter how drunk you are yourself, or how much fun you were having, when your drunk friends start blowing chunks it is your responsibility to take care of them. Who else will wash their face and hold their hair back? You are the mom after all.

You Always Make Sure People Get Home Safe

You'd want people to do that for you so you are extra vigilant when it comes to your friends. No matter the situation, you are always on high alert for danger and trouble.

You Are Ready For Anything

Your instincts are sharp! You've gotten your friends out of some harry situations just by being good at talking and acting. Smokey the Bear would be proud.

Breaking Up Fights Is A Hobby

You are so good at breaking up fights! You don't like to use force but if the situation calls for it you know exactly what to do. Jokes, anecdotes and light banter have served you well in the past.

You Are An Activity Organizing Genius

Everything will be perfect because you were in charge of planning. You can hold hundreds of details in your head at once. Everything you touch is golden!

Your Purse Is A First Aid Kit

Painkillers? Check. Bandaids? Check. Cookies for low blood sugar? Check. Your purse is a first aid kit.

Your Friends Accomplishments Are Your Accomplishments

Like a proud parent you tend to celebrate everything your friends accomplish. New jobs, new relationshipsyou love having a reason to toast a close friend. After all, their success reflects well on you.

You Always Offer To Drive

No matter how far away something is, you always offer to drive. I'm still trying to figure out why.

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