Kendall Jenner’s Craziest Cab Ride Ever Included A Razor, A Camera, And NYFW — VIDEO

It turns out even the biggest names in modeling get overwhelmed too. Kendall Jenner revealed her most stressful Fashion Week moment on her website, and it's actually pretty awesome. When looking back at all the jobs she had last Fashion Week, it only makes sense that she was a tad bit flustered.

Remember when Jenner posted a video on Instagram of her shaving in a cab? Well, it turns out that was her most stressful moment during an already insane time of year. With two international magazine covers, four runway shows, three ad campaigns, and two photo shoots in the making, this model worked her butt off during her time in New York this past September.

“Last New York Fashion Week, I was doing a ton of work for Vogue and I had to stop one of my shoots in the middle of the day because I was walking in a show. We were still working to get the right image, so I wasn’t able to leave and I was really late — I almost missed the show!” Jenner says on her blog. “I had to rush over to the venue as fast as the car could go (which isn’t that fast in NYC, haha). I even shaved my legs in the car using a water bottle and razor, lol!”

Oddly enough, Jenner kept a smile on her face during what she dubbed her most stressful moment, which I find absolutely fabulous. The model sure knows how to keep her cool — at least on the outside.

With so many different projects going on, I don't know how she held it all together. Just look at every project she had going on during the last New York Fashion Week, and you'll understand why it was so stressful.

1. Two International Cover Releases

Jenner had not one, but two international covers coming out during Fashion Week. That means she was probably doing tons of work before she left for New York, on top of having to get her catwalk strut ready!

On the plus side, they both turned out gorgeous.

2. Givenchy

The first show she walked in was Givenchy, and it could very well could've been the show that she was rushing to.

She also spent some time mingling after the show.

3. Shooting For Vogue

Considering it came out about a month after fashion week ended, Vogue's Alice in Wonderland shoot was probably what Jenner was talking about in her blog post.

4. Diane Von Fürstenburg

She strutted her stuff in a feminine look for her second show of the season.

She didn't seem too stressed as she posed with the other models back stage.

5. Calvin Klein

She somehow managed to find time to watch a presentation as well. She sat front row at the Calvin Klein show alongside Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington.

6. Michael Kors

Jenner hit the runway for the third time at Michael Kors, where she looked fabulous in all black.

7. Mark Jacobs

This was her last runway of the week, but it wasn't her last job.

8. Estée Lauder Appearance

After her catwalks were finally complete, Jenner did some work for one of her ad campaigns. Right around the time of Fashion Week she was the star of Balmain, Calvin Klein, and Estée Lauder campaigns. Talk about being busy!

9. Cosmopolitan Cover

The Kardashian Cosmopolitan cover came out in November, which means that Jenner probably shot it around the same time as well.

Jenner's Instagram caption "too much fashion not enough week" makes complete sense now!