The Molten Chocolate Latte Is Starbucks Bliss

Chocolate and Valentine's Day pretty much go hand in hand, which is why it was a delightfully pleasant surprise when Starbucks, my one true love, kicked off the week leading up to Feb. 14 by launching three new Valentine's Day drinks — including a little thing it's dubbed the Starbucks Molten Chocolate Latte. Naturally, my heart skipped a beat when I heard the news, but still, I was curious — what does the Starbucks Molten Chocolate Latte taste like? How is it different than a Cafe Mocha? Or, you know, a regular hot chocolate? I would never, in a million years, presume to call myself a coffee connoisseur, but as a fan of all things coffee and chocolate, I was somewhat skeptical about the newest offering. Never one to dive head first into love, I decided to initiate a tentative courtship with the new drink by doing — what else? — a taste test.

Surprise, surprise! Starbucks' newest drink is amazing. Truly, a love story for the ages (though also a brief one — the Molten Chocolate Latte is only around through Feb. 14). I know it seems like I'm exaggerating — ask anyone who knows me, and they'll tell you I'm like a gushy 13-year-old girl in love whenever I have a crush on someone, or in this case, something — but I stand by my words. The Molten Chocolate Latte, as described by Starbucks, goes like this:

Rich chocolatey chips are melted with espresso and combined with our mocha infused steamed milk, then topped with mocha-espresso whipped cream and mocha-espresso drizzle. Like a Molten chocolate cake, it reaches new depths of chocolatey deliciousness.

You hear that? New depths of chocolatey deliciousness. Of course, skeptics may be looking for a few more specifics, so here's just what exactly you're getting yourself into when you order yourself a Starbucks Molten Chocolate Latte:

It's a little bittersweet, like dark chocolate

Which, I'm all for, because if you ask me, dark chocolate is the only type of chocolate that matters. To me, the Molten Chocolate Latte didn't taste quite as sweet as a regular hot chocolate, which could have something to do with the ingredients involved. The steamed milk used to make this beverage is actually infused with bittersweet mocha sauce, and let's not forget, there's actual coffee at play here, too. The shots of espresso really help to undermine any overwhelming sweetness.

There's no mistaking the chocolate

Unlike a Cafe Mocha, which seems kind of dry by comparison, the Molten Chocolate Latte is alllllllllll about the chocolate. Heck, melted chocolate chips are a key component of this beverage, and even the milk used to make the drink is infused with chocolate. Top the whole thing off with mocha-espresso whipped cream and drizzle, and you are in for one decadent latte-drinking experience.

The whipped cream is the true star

Like, from now on, I might just order mocha-espresso whipped cream on everything. Actually, just give me a cup of mocha-espresso whipped cream, and I'll be on my way. Thanks.

The coffee flavor isn't strong

I love how coffee tastes — especially espresso. But, while you can definitely tell that this is an espresso beverage, that flavor is hardly overwhelming. In fact, a few sips in, and I kind of forgot I was drinking coffee at all. I mean, hello? Is there even caffeine in this thing? The answer to that question is yes (around 100mg, in fact), but you're too busy enjoying the molten chocolate-y goodness to notice. It's kind of a nice, pleasant, after-thought.


If you like chocolate, coffee, and happiness in general, the Molten Chocolate Latte is something you should try. I know, opening yourself up to true love can be scary, but this drink is well worth it. And, if you're really in the mood for some treats, consider giving the Molten Chocolate Frappuccino and the Starbucks Molten Hot Chocolate a try as well. There's a lot of love to go around right now.

Images: Starbucks (2); Giphy (2)