17 Signs You're A Comedy Nerd

Do you love Steve Martin? Is there an Animal House poster prominently displayed in your bedroom? Do you get excited about a new Above Average video popping up in your YouTube feed? If you answer yes to one or all of these questions then I am here to break the news to you my friend. You are a comedy nerd!

Let's get real, real fast. If you are a true comedy nerd, you have been wearing that badge proudly since day one. I mean, who else can name every cast member on MAD TV and knows the upcoming lineup at the Comedy Store? You are the ultimate comedy fan and nothing else matters. Maybe you took a short break from knowing stuff to watch the latest season of Louis but can't get over the fact that they cancelled Lucky Louis on HBO. Either way, the break was short-lived because you got right back to loving comedy again. And why wouldn't you love comedy? It's a beautiful marriage of tragedy, timing and weird Doritos commercials. Laughter is the best medicine and you've been guzzling that bottle since you learned how to walk.

For comedy nerds such as myself, there is no greater pleasure then seeing a well constructed joke. It's almost as good sex (actually, comedy hasn't disappointed me as much so I guess in some ways it's better). Watching a good standup set or a mind-blowing improv show adds years to your life. Comedy makes the world bearable and I am so happy to be a fan. If you are not sure if you're a comedy nerd yourself, here are some of the signs to help you figure things out.

You Wanted To Be The "Funniest Kid" On All That

When All That was popping off on Nickelodeon you wanted desperately to be on that show. Then they had the Funniest Kid In America contest and you never sent in your tape because your folks didn't let you use their camcorder. Ever since then you were convinced that you missed your shot. (Funny story, I went to school with the girl who won that contest and I envied her every day of the year until my graduation.)

The Amanda Show Was Everything

Amanda Bynes was your icon growing up. Every sketch she was in made you laugh. Even now you are still rooting for her to make a comeback and do another She's The Man movie.

You Know Every Episode Of SNL Ever Made

You've watched every episode of SNL ever. You even know that the first ever episode had a sketch featuring sexually active puppets.

You Still Watch SNL Every Week

No matter how many times your friends and the media write "Saturday Night Dead" you will continue to love the show that raised you. Weekends in high school were all about staying up and watching witty television that you could later regurgitate on Monday morning.

Comedy Central Is Your Home Base

Your TV is almost permanently stuck on Comedy Central. With shows like Workaholics and Broad City, you have never been more proud to let your comedy nerd flag fly.

You Take Classes At UCB/iO West/Second City/Groundlings

Not only are you watching comedy, you're also trying to make it yourself. Sometimes that means you are making sketch videos, writing stand up material, or just taking classes at different comedy universities, you are fully immersed.

You Have Encyclopedic Memory For Comedy Actors

You know every single actor in every single movie. Just try us.

You Go To Improv Performances Multiple Times A Week

Your friends might be going out to bars while you are buying last minute tickets to Harold Night at UCB Franklin. They will judge but you will be the one laughing all night.

You Haven't Tried Stand Up Because You Respect It Too Much

As a comedy nerd you know how hard it is to actually do standup. It's never just getting up there and talking. That is why you never do it yourself. You have way too much respect for people who are actually doing it.

You Knew About The Lonely Island Before They Were Big

You did. You knew them when they got a pilot on Fox and uploaded funny videos on their website. You were a huge fan of their music videos with We Are The Scientists.

You Know Way Too Much About Writers Who Now Work On SNL

Oh, her? Yeah, she used to be at CollegeHumor. You know exactly who is writing the sketches that you loved watching on Saturday.

Most Of Your Friends Do Comedy

You surround yourself with funny people who push you to be funny. So many bits. So little time.

You Know Every Head Writer's Life Story

Your favorite television shows are run by very smart and funny people. You just so happen to know everything about those people, because you care! It's not weird if it is out of admiration. Right?

You Follow All Your Faves On Twitter and Other Social Media

It's very important to know what everyone is up to. How else will you know about cool comedy stuff before the general masses?

You Actually Read Reviews On AV Club

You care what other comedy nerds are saying online. You want to make sure they caught that obscure reference just like you did on Bob's Burgers.

You Own Every Comedy Memoir

Did Rachel Dratch come out with a book? Yes. Do you own it? Yes.

You Imagine Being Friends With Every Funny Person

You are funny. Your heroes are funny. You would be funny together. That is the only logic that explains why I am constantly imagining hanging out with Tina Fey.

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