A New 'Star Trek' TV Series From Bryan Fuller Will Also Make 'Hannibal' Fans Happy

While I'm all for a movie (or 10) starring Chris Pine wearing a tight shirt and pants, I'm not a fan of the recent Star Trek movies. Which is why any Star Trek-related news that takes the show back to its roots, and back to television, is just awesome. And hearing that Bryan Fuller will be showrunner of the Star Trek reboot is incredible, and not just because I love-love-loved his version of Hannibal. Fuller actually started out his career as a writer on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Voyager. Bringing it back to television with a writer and showrunner who understands the series so well is basically kismet.

According to Buzzfeed, the Star Trek will air in 2017 on CBS. While we prepare ourselves for a Cumberbatch-free version of Star Trek, it's the perfect time to consider what Bryan Fuller brings to the table, as the mastermind behind Hannibal, a glorious show that always focussed on the sumptuous visual quality of food, perfectly choreographed murders and fight-scenes, and the bromance to end all bromances. Will Bryan Fuller's Star Trek be inspired by Hannibal ? Here's what we can expect from the new Stark Trek, if so, and why you should be tuning in to see it.

1. It'll Be Aesthetically Beautiful

If there's one thing that Bryan Fuller excels at, it's aesthetics. Hannibal was never not slick and luscious, and surely his ability to make television look like high-art is a major skill he'll bring to Star Trek.

2. It Might Be Dark And Creepy Sometimes

I'd love to see Fuller make a horror movie. His handle on the macabre is truly impressive, and this should transition well to Star Trek, which has the potential to be a little more creepy, depending on what planet the characters are on.

3. Animals And Aliens Aren't That Different

Fuller showed off his creative side with a bounty of animal-themed imagery in Hannibal . In Star Trek, this could be translated into the design of new species in far off solar systems.

4. He Writes Anti-Social Characters With Bite

Star Trek is the perfect opportunity for Bryan Fuller to do what he does best — create challenging characters we can't help but get attached to immediately.

5. Raúl Esparza Could Be In It

In fact, Raúl Esparza needs to be in everything, and Bryan Fuller is the person to make that happen. He absolutely smashed it as bumbling Dr. Chilton on Hannibal , and there has to be a role for him on Fuller's new show.

6. The Weather Will Be Dramatic

The weather was always a focal point in Hannibal, and, in Star Trek, whether set on a planet or in space, Fuller has a lot of landscape to play with.

7. There Will Be Bromance

The bromance in Hannibal (Hannigram for the win!) was epic, and self-actualizing. Star Trek itself is no stranger to a good bromance, and the reboot should be no different.

8. There Needs To Be A Resident Doctor

Star Trek needs a doctor. Hannibal is a doctor. Can you see where I'm going with this?

9. The Characters Will Have Complicated Relationships

Aside from the epic bromance, what kept Hannibal interesting was the endless and palpable energy between all of its characters. Fuller will work this same magic on Star Trek.

I'm actually pretty excited about the fact that Bryan Fuller is rebooting Star Trek for television, and think that it's a great move for the franchise. The series is certainly in the hands of a visionary, and that should only mean positive things for the show and its showrunner. Plus, if Fuller could just go ahead and cast Mads Mikkelsen in it, that'd be great, thanks.

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