Tenley Molzahn Says 'Bachelor' Ben Higgins Is "Happy" Post Show & Picks A Frontrunner Of The Season

If there's one person who knows the Bachelor inside and out (and we're not counting Chris Harrison, BTW), it's Tenley Molzahn. Over the course of seven years since her first Bachelor Nation show aired, Tenley has appeared on The Bachelor, Bachelor Pad, and most recently, Bachelor in Paradise. Unfortunately, none of the shows landed her a guy (which is totally cool, since Tenley is in a great relationship now), but they have made her a pro at talking all things Bachelor and a perfect guest for Bustle's podcast. During a visit to New York, Tenley joined Will You Accept This Podcast? to discuss how she thinks her friend Ben is doing on his season of the show and who she thinks the frontrunners of The Bachelor Season 20 are.

"It's weird seeing Ben on TV," Tenley tells Bustle, "But he's very true to himself." According to Tenley, she and Ben became friends at Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All. "I remember talking to Ben before he left [to film The Bachelor], like, "You're going to have the most fangirls show up," she shares.

As for frontrunners of the season, Tenley did not hold back. "It sucks that the villains or the other stuff always gets the most attention," she says. "So, we're not even into the love story yet." According to Tenley, Ben is "happy," post Bachelor, but with who? Check out this week's Will You Accept This Podcast? to hear her pick for this season's frontrunner in our very special report from Bachelor Nation.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC