8 Free Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

by Jessica Learish

I think we should all resolve to be more romantic and less consumeristic with the people we love. How much more fun would Valentine's Day be overall if all of the gifts and experiences were necessarily free, and the thought was actually what counted? Instead of shelling out $150 on a large flower arrangement that will inevitably shrivel and die, check out these free Valentine's Day gift ideas that will turn this special edition of #SundayFunday into a bona fide love fest.

In all seriousness though, the markup on all romance-related gifts right now is absolutely mind boggling. Restaurants have posted their $75 per plate prix-fixe menus, movie theaters are charging an arm and a leg for a glass of wine and a chance to watch Lady And The Tramp again, and there are even people selling bouquets of a few little roses for the low low price of $25 outside of your local drugstore. And, correct me if I'm wrong on this, but didn't we just do Christmas like five minutes ago? Did any of y'all's New Year's resolutions include eat more boxes of candy by yourself? Mine certainly didn't.

So what's left when you get rid of the fancy dinners, balloons, chocolate, and regal flower arrangements? Check out these ideas to make your Valentine's Day super special without spending a zillion bucks.

1. Go window shopping

Visit your local mall or downtown shopping district for some purely investigative retail immersion. Basically, you're doing what some people do on Pinterest, but in real life. Check out your dream couch or test drive a luxury car. You don't have to spend the money to figure out what you really, really like in person with your own two eyes. This date is particularly fun if you're just moving in together, or are sprucing up your place. You'll get a much better idea of what he or she is attracted to as far as fashion and decor are concerned.

2. Have a stranger take a romantic photo

And I don't mean like a gross romantic photo. Embrace your kooky qualities as a couple and have someone take one decent picture of you and your partner that doesn't have selfie-arm syndrome. You can even turn it into a game to find the stranger that looks like the best photographer.

3. Make breakfast in bed

Start the day off right with a delicious breakfast in bed. It doesn't have to be a super complex recipe to be a wonderful and thoughtful meal.

4. Go outside

Take a hike someplace remote, find yourself some hot springs to soak in, or have a picnic at a local park. It doesn't cost a penny to enjoy most of the great outdoors, so get out there and enjoy it together.

5. Get handy and make yourself useful

If there is something your partner has been meaning to accomplish lately, go crazy and do it for them! Hem the curtains, fix that wobbly table leg, or just do a few chores. The two of you will have a lot more time for romance if nobody is thinking about changing loads in the laundry.

6. Climb a tree

One of the first times my current boyfriend and I hung out, we were with a group of friends, and some of the guys ended up climbing a big oak tree. In heels, I (as gracefully as possible) busted out my childhood tree climbing skills and joined them, which was just enough adventure to make the night memorable enough that I still remember it four score and one million years later.

7. Make a ticket stub collage

Make a collage from those ticket stubs that are occupying your purse space. You'll be surprised how nostalgic the two of you will get reliving some of your favorite memories from the course of your relationship.

8. Share a romantic slow dance in the living room

Spend the end of your night just enjoying each other's company. No TV necessary — just turn on a little bit of music, and celebrate each other.

Have a happy and thoughtful Valentine's Day, everybody.

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