7 Things The ‘Finding Dory’ Posters Reveal About The Upcoming Film — PHOTOS

As a Disney fan, and also a human being who likes good movies, I gotta say — I was pumped to see the new posters for Finding Dory, the much-anticipated follow-up to the fan favorite Finding Nemo. The trailer was released months ago, and shows Dory sleep-swimming away from where she is resting with Nemo and Marlin. But, ever since the trailer was released, there’s been little news on this film's front. But, these new posters have me all kinds of excited, because there are a number of things the new Finding Dory posters tell us about what to expect from the film.

In addition to an awesome storyline, a heroine we all know and love, and a whole lot of heart, these four recently released posters give a good bit away about the upcoming film. No spoilers are included by any means, but they reveal enough details and secrets to start getting Nemo and Dory fans totally excited for the new movie. On first glance, these posters might seem like standard movie posters, but if you read into the images even slightly, there are actually a number of things we can start to anticipate from the sequel.

Here are the posters, in all their glory:

So, what do they tell us about the movie? Well, for starters...

1. The Graphics Are Going To Be Amazing

If the detail in these posters is any indication, the artwork looks even more advanced than in 2003's Finding Nemo.

2. The Setting Is The Same

We’re definitely in the ocean, people. No fish tanks, from what I can tell.

3. Dory Is Still Her Lovable Self

With those big, adorable, confused eyes of hers to boot. What’s not to love?

4. There Are A Few Friendly Faces

I spy with my little eye a stingray, some jellyfish, and an anemone. Could we have a repeat of some of Dory’s past mistakes?

5. Dory Is On Her Own

Whether or not she has a sidekick throughout is unlikely, especially since in each of these posters she’s all by herself.

6. Someone Is Definitely Looking For Her

With the tag line “Have you seen her?” someone is definitely on the hunt for our dear ol’ Dory.

7. The Premiere Is Soon

June 17 is the date on each of the posters, and it also just happens to be right around the corner.

Time to start getting excited!

Image: Walt Disney Pictures; Pixar; Giphy (7)