Can You Buy Minnie Mouse x Sephora Online? The Collection Will Be Easily Accessible

So, Sephora's Minnie Mouse themed makeup collection this April, in time for Summer 2016. If you're a classic Disney lover who wants to be nostalgic and/or relive their childhood every day, this limited edition collection is for you! Or, if you're like me, and almost pass out every time you go to visit Minnie in her Disneyland house, this is a way to represent without actually having to embarrass yourself in front of your cartoon heroes, also known as normal people in costumes.

Minnie Mouse x Sephora has seven different colorful products, such as eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, and liners. According to Teen Vogue, the collection includes two liquid liners called Minnie’s Black and White Felt Liner Duo, a blush called Minnie’s Inner Glow Luminizer, a bright cherry red lipstick, a six-piece brush set with gold polka dots, a lip stain set, a bow compact, and a 20-shadow palette for every occasion and warm or cool looks. You'll be prepared for any date with Mickey Mouse, whether it's dinner with crepes and sangria, or bottomless brunch on a Sunday morning.

This isn't the first time that Sephora has collaborated with Disney. In September 2015, the Reigning Beauties collaboration was launched. It was a collection of compact mirrors inspired by Disney princesses. Previously, Sephora has also created collections inspired by Cinderella, Ariel, and Jasmine.

It seems that Minnie is hot for Spring this year. Just this past January, designer Christian Siriano made a dress for Ms. Mouse in celebration of National Polka Dot Day. Who wouldn't love some gold polka-dotted brushes? Here's to hoping that this Sephora Collection does the polka dot Queen justice!

Yahoo! Beauty reports that prices will range from $15 from to $58. You can purchase the collection both exclusively at Sephora stores and online at Check out some preliminary pictures below!

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