10 Reasons People Cheated

by Bobby Box

Some people dismiss cheaters without really knowing what had gone on in this person's relationship when they were unfaithful. And while many may believe labels such as these are just, perhaps instead of labelling someone or assuming "once a cheater, always a cheater", you should instead ask: why do people cheat?

Many of us have been hurt by a cheater; but comparatively, this also means just as many of us have been the cheater. There have been so many of us, that studies have been amassed to address the subject about who's most likely to cheat (like this one, which concludes only children are more likely to cheat than those with siblings). It's a hot topic!

Sometimes, instead of research, it’s best to hear from the horse’s mouth, which is exactly what happened when Reddit asked cheating/cheated on redditors the question we’ve all been dying to know: “Why did you cheat on your S.O.?”.

The answers provided proved to be quite revealing. As it was discovered (and expected), there are many reasons why people cheat in relationships — some you may understand and others may baffle you. From seeking revenge to believing sex with another person is easier than breaking up, these are the reasons people cheat, according to people who have cheated.

1. Because Sometimes People Want Revenge

2. Because Of Immaturity

3. Because It’s Thrilling

4. Because Of Attraction

5. Because It Was Something To Brag About

This is very true and something I've seen a lot with friends and acquaintances of mine. We could certainly use a societal shift in what's considered "cool" for young men.

6. Because It Seemed Easier Than Breaking Up

7. Because They Thought They Could Get Away With It

But the truth always comes out in the wash. I know this because I watch Maury. And Cheaters.

8. Because Of Unhappiness

9. Because They're In Love With More Than One Person

10. Because They Want To

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