People With These Jobs Are More Likely To Cheat

by Natalia Lusinski

Ever wonder which professions are most likely to have more cheaters? Well, bankers aren’t just managing money, but also extramarital affairs — at least, according to Illicit Encounters, the UK’s largest married dating site. It tallied up its almost one million users — 970,000 to be exact — by profession, and bankers came out on top (so to speak). People in financial services, followed by management, formed a greater share of the site's users (18 percent and 12 percent, respectively) than those who work in retail, administration, customer service, hospitality, or tourism (all tied at one percent).

For many, it is tough to reconcile their primary relationship once cheating has occurred. People try to spot warning signs that someone is cheating (someone successful in their career is prone to do it, according to this article — which coincides with the findings by Illicit Encounters). And studies tell us that intuition often alerts people about whether their significant other is cheating. Yet many are completely blindsided that their partner's had someone on the side.

Below are some findings from Illicit Encounters’ research on its members. (I'd love to see the percentage of partners who find out!) Though there is no precise template for who will cheat on whom, it’s pretty fascinating. I think that no matter what your significant other does for a living, it’s good to look for warning signs.

Financial Services — 18 Percent

Management/HR — 12 Percent

Executive And Self-Employed — 8 Percent

Engineering And IT/Communications — 6 Percent

Accounting — 5 Percent

Sales And Marketing — 4 Percent

Government, Healthcare And Medical, Legal — 3 Percent

Advertising/Media/Entertainment, Art/Design, Education And Science, Trades And Services, Retired — 2 Percent

Admin/Customer Service, Hospitality & Tourism, Retail/Consumer, Other = 1 Percent

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