Your Wallet Will Love Melissa McCarthy's New Line

Fashion lovers rejoice! The Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Spring 2016 Collection is here! The gorgeous and multi-talented actor and now designer launched the collection over at her website on Tuesday, and it's totally drool worthy. Plus, in the best of news, the Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Spring 2016 collection's cost is totally affordable. The collection features stunning flowing kimonos and sweaters, great jeans, and killers maxi dresses, and with a cost that's so damn affordable, there's no reason not to pick it up.

Melissa McCarthy's Seven7 collection has been a hit basically ever since it's debut. When the star announced her line in November of 2014, the Internet may have well gone up in smoke. From her body positive stance on clothing to her chic style on red carpets, it was bound to be a size inclusive hit, and it totally was. So much so that a special holiday collection with Lane Bryant was announced. While I definitely thought that the holiday collection was a smash, the Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Spring 2016 is probably my favorite at the moment. Bold patterns, gorgeous draping, and a cohesive look based on McCarthy's love of '70s fashion, and just for added bonus points, the entire collection ranges in price from only $59-$198!

With such a wide range of prices and pieces, I had to point out some of my favorites, and while the entirety of the Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Spring collection deserves a look, here are some gorgeous standouts.

"M" Pencil Jean

$98, Melissa McCarthy Seven7

Killer white jean for spring? Check.

Bib Front Floral Tank

$79, Melissa McCarthy Seven7

Who's afraid of the big bad floral? Not you.

Dolman Paint Cloud Pullover

$89, Melissa McCarthy Seven7

Oh hello, gorgeous printed pullover. I love you.

Georgette Stamp Flower Kimono

$108, Melissa McCarthy Seven7

How gorgeous is this kimono?

Painted Cloud Wrap Dress

$118, Melissa McCarthy Seven7

What's not to love about an amazing maxi dress?

'Luv' Tee

$59, Melissa McCarthy Seven7

Adorable graphic tee? Yes, please.

Ponte Mid Calf Butterfly Skirt

$79, Melissa McCarthy Seven7

Obsessed with this amazing mid-calf pencil skirt in an incredible pattern.

It's not hard to see that the Melissa McCarthy Seven7 Spring 2016 collection is totally bomb.

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Images: Courtesy of Brand