Colbert + Puppies Just Saved Your Day

As if we needed another reason to be excited for Puppy Bowl X on Animal Planet — Stephen Colbert adorably frolicked with puppies and gave a riveting halftime speech to his "team" during The Colbert Report this week. Adorable fuzziness and playing aside, watching puppies crawl all over Colbert's face is the cutest and most funny thing you'll see today. Seriously, you'll forget it isn't Friday, that's how great it is.

The seven-minute long video will have you sit through Colbert talking about and "playing" some actual football before you finally get to see some adorable, furry pups. The Colbert Report host also debuts his hilarious touchdown dance, which will absolutely cause you to giggle. But back to the puppies, after a rough first half — Colbert looks like he's taken quite the beating from the warm fuzzies — he gives a rousing halftime speech to his adorable team. And it's amazing.

"We're not here to sniff butt, we're here to kick butt. Do you understand me," he says while the puppies, who obviously don't care at all, try to eat the chalk he used to write "Bitches" on a small chalkboard right out of his hand. But do we really need to tell you why Colbert and adorable, fuzzy, wet-nosed puppies will make your day amazing? Watch the video here and find out for yourself:

Image: Comedy Central