These Are The Women Who Get Off Every Day

With the release of their latest sex survey, live sex website CAM4 has officially declared 2016 “The Year Of The Orgasm”, even addressing how many women orgasm every day, because, who isn't curious about that? Is the orgasm gap finally closing?

Thankfully, this is one of the many orgasm-related topics CAM4 addressed this year when they surveyed over 8,000 women all over the world. As you’ll see, the results, as they usually do, prove interesting. For instance, internationally, 94 percent of women have had an orgasm. Of that generous statistic, 44 percent of those women climax at least once a week and nine percent climax almost every day.

While orgasms are certainly not the whole point of sex, they are certainly are a fun, pleasurable part of sex and masturbation. CAM4 took their information even further and divided the women getting off so frequently by country and relationship status. So where do Americans land in the mix of daily climaxers? As you’ll see below, Americans are doing quite well on the orgasm front (better than Canadians!), but of course, there's always room for improvement. So without further adieu, this is how many women all over the world have an orgasm every day.

1. 4 Percent Of Single Women Orgasm Daily

Indeed, only four percent of women orgasm every day. But Americans rank second overall at 12 percent, so at the very least, you're doing better than most!

2. 12 Percent of Women In Relationships Orgasm Daily

Women who aren't single have more daily orgasms than both single and married women. Most American women in relationships, on the other hand, have an orgasm at least once a week (46 percent).

3. 9 Percent Of Married Women Orgasm Daily

Who says marriage sex is dead? Almost one in 10 women in marriages are having daily orgasms, which really isn't bad considering, like women in relationships, most American women (41 percent) have an orgasm at least once a week.

4. 19 Percent Of Spanish Women Orgasm Daily

Of all nationalities, Spanish women have had the most daily orgasms. Also worth noting, Spanish and French women were the only nationalities surveyed where straight girls came more often than lesbian and bisexual women!

5. 12 Percent Of American Women Orgasm Daily

Ranking second overall. Job well done! Well, except for the fact that American women were the most likely to fake an orgasm with a partner.

6. 11 Percent Of Italian Women Orgasm Daily

In addition to ranking third in everyday orgasms, Italian women were the most likely (at 89 percent) to have an orgasm at the same time as their partner. They were also the highest percentage (98 percent) to admit they've had an orgasm with their current partner. Nicely done!

7. 9 Percent Of Canadian Women Orgasm Daily

Despite being in such close proximity to the United States, Canadian women were still three percent less likely to have an orgasm every day.

8. 6 Percent Of British Women Orgasm Daily

The British are responsible for some of the sexiest people on the planet, get on those orgasms!

9. 4 Percent Of French Women Orgasm Daily

Though known for love and romance, a mere four percent of French women have an orgasm every day. However, their married women climax the most often. Figure that one out.

10. 4 Percent Of Dutch Women Orgasm Daily

Also fun: 40 percent of Dutch women over 60 reach orgasm once a week!

11. 3 Percent Of German Women Orgasm Daily

Yes, of all the ladies around the world having orgasms every day, the Germans were the least likely to do so. Perhaps they could learn a thing or two from Spanish women.

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